Friday, March 25, 2011

One and Zero

Recently I recieved an email from the mysterious troll that has been harassing us, although I am certain I should be calling her Trickortreat from now on.

from---- ----
dateFri, Mar 25, 2011 at 6:18 AM
subjectshe knew all along did she not
hide details 6:18 AM (10 hours ago)

warn jeremy for her.

I have a feeling I know exactly what she wants me to warn Jeremy about. And I don't get it. I don't get why she has to do this. And how Slender Man fits into this picture. I'm willing to bet there's some sort of agreement between the two. But how long will it be until everyone dies? What does she have against Steph that she needs to be doing this? And her mother. What is her role in all this? How did she even get a hold of this? One thing about this video though, it proves that Steph never denied she was being stalked by Slender Man. It's almost as if Trickortreat's trying to make me doubt her. That's something I know isn't going to happen.

Mr. Nord is pretty worried. The CPS came tomorrow, asking for Steph. To say they were suspicious would be an gross understatement. But they seemed to take the story that she was visiting relatives for some sort of family emergency. Most of her relatives live here in Buffalo, especially on her mother's side. I told them I will be watching her siblings and helping around while she's gone. Like a nanny. I think they took the story in stride not because I looked trustworthy, but because Steph turns eighteen this April. Yes, she is a spring baby, or "flower child" as she prefers. The CPS probably noticed that the children weren't dying of malnutrition either...or so they say, that they looked healthy and happy with me. My own mother used to tell me I would make for an excellent nanny. But I would never be a Super Nanny...I just can't bring myself to act that way.

Steph seems to have no luck with Dr. Fitzpatrick at the moment. To be honest I have no luck either. The man must be awfully busy these days. If I could, I would ask him more questions about Mrs. Nord's past history, or any personal items she might've carried. But for now, I only have Mr. Nord to speak with. At least on his days off. I don't really have to visit his house on such days, but I've really grown attached to Zach and Hannah...they really are so sweet. It saddens me to see that spring has not yet fully come yet. But once March is over and done with, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, Zero's back.

He's a completely different person from the guy I came to knew while reading his blog...
More vengeful, sadder person.

And I'm not sure whether or not I like what he's planning on doing. Killing? Is that truly the way to end all this? Do we truly have to resort to such a thing? I'm willing to give Zero the benefit of the doubt, but it's worrying, seeing what he'd become. Was it truly so horrible what he experienced on that day that he lost all compassion, all mercy?

It reminds me of the tragedies I read in my room...Hamlet in particular.

Will we all be dead in the end?

And who will survive to tell the story?

Will there even be a story to tell? Should there be?

Sometimes I look at what's happening in the blogosphere, at these two different sides of those fighting against the beast. And I wonder, who is more right? The one who kills? Or the ones who heal?

I know that the cure does not work it may be hopeless. But there has to be another way.

I hope there is another way...

Steph, I hope you fix your phone soon. We're so worried.

As for me, well, I don't want Jeremy to die, but I don't want to die either. I'm so confused right now. But I've got to warn him. He won't believe me, but at least I'll give him that chance.

I just don't know why Trickortreat would want me to give me that chance, if she is a servant for that thing.

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  1. Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me. That's where that thing went?