Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aunt Charon and Uncle Tim

Are actually quite nice.

They made me pancakes this morning. They were blueberry pancakes too. I've haven't had blueberry pancakes since this one morning during my stay at a creepy yet extremely well kept and awesome church. I forget why we were there, I believe it was some sort of youth program. Either way I have good memories of not being able to go outside because it was raining, staying inside all day playing board games. Yeah, that was fun. Especially the night we spent in the church, outside late at night.


Yeah, I didn't miss the tombstones, not as a kid. Do you want to know how much of a bookworm I used to be?

There were little candles around too. I'm willing to think these guys were Catholic, but back then I thought everyone was Protestant. So it didn't matter to me at the time. I actually thought the candles were cool. It's just the tombs that bothered me. Although, I never saw what were etched on the stones. I suppose that's a good thing.

I've seen the cemetary here. Oak Hill Cemetery. It's nice...I wanted to go inside because I've never been to a cemetery before. Even though there are a lot of trees around. As a kid I dreamed of becoming old enough to buy a car and sneak out at night to visit my local cemetery. I've never got that chance. Heh, actually, I always wanted to be caught up in some sort of ghostly tale as a kid. I envied those who claimed they were haunted by ghosts. After recent events I'm not so sure anymore. Last night feels like it was just a dream now...that I was just imagining it. I probably would believe it, if it weren't for the mind numbing headache I felt this morning. Thankfully my supposed aunt and uncle were nice enough to brew me some tea to calm my nerves. And once again those pills prove to be useful, but I may have to call Dr. Fitzpatrick soon.

Heh, funny story about those two. I remember ringing their door last night, and their confused as hell faces. My face probably didn't look to well either. I waited a couple hours before I approached their door, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. Not much to my surprised they greeted me with caution, and I realized I didn't even know what to say. The note's coordinates lead here, I checked mapquest as many times as I could, whenever I stopped at coffee shops for quick cup of coffee or libraries to slumber in or the like.But I suppose they were as clueless as I was. I was really wary of telling them my name, I was this close to running. How do you deal with such things? Tell me?

But eventually I bucked down and told them I was looking for my mother, using the name my mother chose for herself; Trisha. For some reason, they recognized the name immediately, and guessed correctly that I was her daughter. I don't really understand how they could recognize that name so quickly...but it's bothering me. Has mom been using this fake name way before I was even born? Or is it just a nickname?

Aunt Charon and Uncle Tim wasted no time in introducing themselves and showing me around the house. First thing I've noticed was how huge it was. I've never been in a house that actually had two whole floors and a basement in the longest time. The entire tour freaked me out, they kept on suggesting things to me, Uncle Tim said something about a nice fishing spot. I think they even mentioned school here, which is something that completely took me by surprise. I tried to remind them that they should call my family before any of this happens (actually, my exact words were that I should call them), they seemed to have thought this was a good idea. But they still wouldn't freakin' leave me in peace. They started talking about random shit like the weather and other obscene things (to me at least). One of them was how Aunt Charon was barren and always wanted a daughter. I'm really tempted to leave this place based off of that bit of information, but not before knowing where my mother is first. I finally got them off my case when I asked if they had internet here.

I'm a bit puzzled though. Why hasn't anybody told me about these guys before?


  1. . . .I don't like how Nobody told you of them.

  2. I'm not too worried about it personally. It's possible that there was some bad history between them and my parents.

    Can you believe they actually took me fishing?