Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Good

I didn't find her anywhere.


All I found was a stupid fortune teller origami shit thing.

The place itself, was (non-surprisingly), all freakin' white inside, and disturbingly clean, despite looking all old outside (although they told me that there's still some really old parts of the facility that not many people visit). The reception desk people were nice...I suppose. But you can tell, you can just tell, that they didn't give a flying fuck about your problems. And since I was a a hospital...

Of course they were gonna give me odd looks. It wasn't like I cared or anything. At that moment what really mattered was talking them into letting mom come back home before something bad happen. I knew something bad was going to happen.

When I asked the receptionist if she knew if a patient named "Patricia Nord" was staying there, my mother. And, much to my surprise, she gave me this horrible confused look. I had to keep pestering her about it, begging her to let me see the psyche ward. She admitted that there was a Trisha staying here.

That was the name my mom took for herself while she was in the mental hospital months back. She went off the deep end again it seems. To think I thought it was all over when we got her back. To think I thought things were going to go back to normal. I was really freakin' stupid to think that. Look what happened. She freakin' changed her name. Trisha Glossic or something like that. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. What if she forgot about me? What if she never comes back?

Fuck that.

I'm not about to just let my mother lose herself to some fucking faceless dude, who's following me everywhere, and I fucking know he's following me for sure now. Every now and then I'd see him near the fucking trees, waiting for me to make the first fucking move. And I can't fucking look away from him, and all of these idiots stare at me like they never see a teenager stare at a bunch of fucking trees before. Holy shit.

She wasn't there.



It isn't his fault. APPARENTLY, some people CLAIMING to be her family came and just whisked her away! They just fucking whisked her away! No one suspected a thing!

What the ever God loving fuck is that!



They're lucky I didn't ruin their waiting room.

I asked them if there was anything in her room that she may have left behind. There wasn't anything they would bother to show me, they completely avoided the question. Obviously they weren't going to believe a random teenaged girl. So, in hopes of convincing them I showed them the photos of me and my mom in my cell phone.

The twerps thought I was her niece.


There was actually something. Although it wasn't my mom's. The nurses who were in charge of my mom told me that it was the "family" that left it behind. They thought it was pretty peculiar...and very confusing to them. They actually thought about taking the "family" in because of it, but they got away before anything can happen. Cowards, the whole lot of them. I really wouldn't blame them for thinking that either I mean it's a fucking origami fortune teller for God's sake. Look at it.

It's fucking crazy, this thing. I can't fucking read Hebrew goddammit. How the hell am I supposed to read this? My head hurts just looking at it, and I wanted to throw it in the streets and let cars run all over the piece of shit.

Biggest waste of my time. Ever.

I don't even know what the hell these people's problem is, but believe me when I find them they're gonna have a nice conversation with my fists. But I digress. Upon some careful expectation, I noticed something around the handles. Notice the arrows?

"Please post your results."

Well at least they have some good manners. Good for them, still doesn't stop me from pocking their eyes out with the sharp end of my scissors. And it seems this was made by two people. Some dude who knows Hebrew (or knows how to use Google Translator), and someone else with a cursive fetish.

Honestly I hate them both.

But hoping that there was some sort of secret message, I played their stupid little game.

Green, five, seven.

Those fucking pieces of shit.

I'm gonna save finding their asses 'til tomorrow. Right now I have not a clue where to look, but maybe people 'round here know about this "family". Thanks to the nurses and doctors and crap I have a WONDERFUL description of them. I only hope that it's enough, otherwise I'm gonna be waiting around for my own fucking death to come to me. Soon I'm gonna leave to rent a room overnight, considering the alternative is sleeping in the rain.

Hey, think I should throught the accursed thing in the street?


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are okay Steph, and that you haven't starved out there. Your last few posts were too worrying to read. Letting you run was a hard decision to make for all of us. Your dad and I are extremely worried. Your siblings miss you. Even Josh. He won't talk to me, Mr. Nord tells me he hasn't talked to anyone since this thing started.

    He's a mystery. All he does is do coding on his computer.

    Playing his video games.

    Steph, you have a lovely family, I just wanted to let you know that. We're behind you, one hundred percent.

    Anything you need, tell us.

    I'm almost willing to think this "family" might be the servants of Slender Man everyone seems to be stalked by around the blogosphere. They're probably reading your blog as we speak.

    These guys seem to know a lot about you. I'd be careful if I were you when looking for your mother. Who knows what these guys might be planning.

    In the mean time, keep holding on, love. <3

    And get some shelter! I don't need my best friend getting sick!

  2. I'm in an apartment room right now :P

    And yeah, that sounds like Josh. Don't worry he should warm up to ya soon. He just hates it when people are looming over him (you don't do that, do you?)

    And stop making me feel guilty damn it!