Friday, March 11, 2011

Okay WTF?

Reading what's happening with Reach and Ava, it fucking kills.

My stomach is churning right now. And whenever it does that it is NOT a good thing. It usually means I'm either gonna be sick in a few minutes (hell, I wouldn't be surprised. especially with the email I just received), gonna cry (I'm seriously about to cry right now), or something bad is going to happen...PLEASE don't let it be the last one. I would freakin' kill myself if it does. This shit shouldn't happen to people, I mean look what happened to me! Look what happened to my fucking family! Ava has a mother right? And she has Reach? WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO THEM?


Fuck, this is like I'm reliving a nightmare. It fucking sucks not knowing what to do, and all you can tell people is to "relax". Relax! Doesn't that fucking sound snobbish to you? I sure hope not, I don't want to sound like I'm being rude or anything. My dad said having my mother watch TV and have time to herself helped her just fine, since know, liked watching TV. I'm sort of hoping the same principal works for everyone.

Ava seems like she has been so stressed lately. I mean...who wouldn't be?


And then there's that freakin' Cynthia kid (I'll be honest, I hate the kid, but I can't be mad at her too much I guess, that Redlight's just a douche....or is it Slender Man being the douche?...Fuck it)

I fucking hate that multi-tentacled monster.

Why can't monsters just leave us normal folks the fuck alone, and go bother criminals and murders and crap?

The world will be a much better place.

But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Somebody has to fucking invite me to Nietzche's, with the sick, twisted idea that it's gonna be some sort of hot date. Yeah, I know your sick jokes, and they aren't fucking funny. Call me a whore to my face faggot so I can wipe that smirk right off it.

Fucking people like to piss me off.

But at least the manager was nice enough to let me do some odd jobs for him so I can have a steady income of money....kind of (he really only pays me twenty dollars, whoop-dee-do). Had me working all day.

But I love him. He has wifi here.

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