Monday, March 7, 2011

The lowdown.

So, as it's already been decided, Steph's leaving this week, most likely this Wednesday. We talked it over at school today during lunch. She'll be leaving for only a few weeks, if she doesn't find her mother by then she'll come back and continue schooling. I'll be staying here to take care of the kids and speak to the social workers on behalf of her. I already planned on what I was going to say. Steph already told her father what she planned to do last night. There seemed to be a lot of tears involved, because she called me afterwords. Crying. And I hear Mr. Nord in the background. I even got to speak with him.

Me: Mr. Nord?

Mr. Nord: What happened? What gave Steph the idea of just running away? Was it you who suggested this?

Me: I'm sorry Mr. Nord, I wish I can tell you everything that's happened to us, that's happening to a lot of people. But I'm afraid you will be in danger as well.

Mr. Nord: Danger? What is this? What is this crazy talk? Tell me what happened!

Me: You won't believe me if I told you-

Mr. Nord: Bullshit! I can believe anything! Especially now!

This is about her mother isn't it? Tell me that's all it is!

Me: ....Well, I suppose you can say that...

Mr. Nord: Tell me! Will she be coming back? Are you two going to keep in touch?

What will we do about money?

What about school?

Me: Already covered. We told them today that it was a family emergency, and that Steph will be out for awhile. I'll send her homework through her Email, and she can do it on the run. Everything's covered, you don't need to worry about it Mr. Nord. She'll be coming back when she's done with her journey, it won't take long. Please Mr. Nord, you don't know how important this is to her...

There was silence, and I heard them talking to each other from the ear piece. It was muffled words so I didn't understand what they were saying. But somehow Steph convinced her father to let her go. We just got done talking awhile ago to reinforce the list we made at lunch. We're going to make sure Steph gets through this with enough supplies. In the mean time Steph gave me Dr. Fitzpatrick's number in case I ever need to get a hold of him, and my mother agreed to drive us over there Wednesday.

No one else but me, Steph, Dr. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Nord, my mother, and you guys will know what we're doing.

We're going to get your mother back Steph, you'll see.

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