Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Funeral

Okay first off, let me say something about Leon. He's not really that bad of a guy, or at least he wasn't that bad of a guy. Steph seems to think he's betrayed her. It's understandable. She was the only person who supported him other than Tiya, but Tiya's transferred to another school since last year. He's nineteen, as I already said, and still in high school. Many people aren't going to be supportive of a guy like that. Steph, surprisingly was...she feels sorry for people easily, and can come off as quite a bit trustworthy. Not anymore, it seems. She refuses to trust everybody, everybody except me, she says. I think this is all starting to get to her. She's obsessed with trolling this troll back in any way possible. She's even brought a couple of tissues with her at the funeral. I asked her why, she said it was for the troll. The Bitch.

I didn't see her at the funeral at all. I really thought she would come. It probably devastated Steph. I saw her ran off in the middle of the funeral. They were burying his ashes in a grave, and marked it by a tiny stone. It wasn't anything grand, but it did have this sort of atmosphere.

It was raining, like it's raining right now. It was raining all day actually. It's like nature knew that we were honoring the death of a wonderful, lively guy. Hm, it's funny. Just a few days ago Steph read in the paper about the Supreme Court ruling concerning Westboro Church's protest of a dead soldier's funeral. As many of you know Westboro is infamous for targeting the gay community with hate. It's no surprise that Steph was so passionate about it, she wouldn't stop going on and on about how unconstitutional it was. An army brat who has a dead gay friend...I think it struck her more sensitive areas. She was listening to Lady Gaga all day yesterday since it was the Lady Gaga concert in Buffalo. We knew at least two gay guys in our school who were going, even our Participation in Government teacher was supposed to be going. She called me crying, rambling on about how Frank was supposed to send her pictures of the concert through her phone.

I'm beginning to wonder just how much this affected her. I couldn't find her anywhere after the funeral. We had a couple people sent out to search for her in the batch of trees near the graveyard. I wasn't allowed to go with them, of course. My words did not help to woe them into letting me search. An hour went by, and she still didn't come. I was getting worried.

She finally showed up at the gate of the graveyard, fending off some unknown thing. I don't think she even noticed I was there until I had to snap her out of it. The most she had was a bloody nose, thankfully. Nothing serious happened to her. I asked her what she was thinking, running off like that. She told me, "I saw her. She was in my dreams."

"I think we knew each other."

I'm going to try talking her into posting about what happened in the forest. But right now all she's focused on is finding out who this person is.

I think she also saw Slender Man. I'm going to call her later today to check on the poor dear.

Keep holding on, love. <3

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