Monday, March 21, 2011

I think I'm addicted to coffee

It's sad but true, whenever I stop at a new city I stop for coffee, and I cannot help it at all. The coffee shops man, they call to me @_@

I think...this is, like, the third green tea frap I had. Green tea frap is delicious, did I ever tell you guys that? I don't think I ever did, but if I did, I'm sorry. It must be mentioned again. If anything kept me awake during my travels, it's this thing. In fact, I'm pretty sure all I had was coffee on my way to Brewer. Not exactly there yet, but I'm close. At least I'm in Bangor now, planning on crossing the bridge to the other side soon. But before all that, let me tell you something.

Number one. It still doesn't feel like spring. Or at least not here. There's freaking snow. SNOW. I'm sorry, but I hate snow, but I supposed folks up here in Maine have it worse off than us Buffalonian folk. Speaking of which it's supposed to be snowing in Buffalo around Wednesday or something. Which is great because not even we need more snow. Dear Mother Nature: Please make up your mind.

Number two. I know why I had that strange feeling in Boston. See, I was on one of their buses (had to pay more of course since the card Rebecca's mom gave me doesn't work there.), and I was oddly not drifting off into sweet slumber (as usual). I do have a tendency to fall asleep all the time, on buses in particular....and trains. This is why I drink coffee all the time folks. But anyways, I looked out the window when we reached one of the bus stops, because I always have this paranoia that I would find myself in the North Pole if I'm not careful (which means lots of waking up and then falling asleep moments other words, no sleep for me.) Looking out the window, I notice that something No one was waiting at the bus stop, except for a rather tall man in a business suit. Yeah, tell me about it. I called out to the bus driver, asking him to stop since at first I thought he was a normal business man...What?! I was half asleep! What do you expect?

Only, the bus driver kept on moving. I think I saw Slenderman a couple more times down the freeway/highway/throughway/whatever. Eventually my had began getting dizzy from me staring at him for to long, and I heard that drumming sound inside my head. More likely, it was a headache, because my head was throbbing with pain whenever he showed up. So I did what anyone else would've done, and slept the pain away. When I woke up, I was in Pittsfield, which is like, sometime this morning. The bus driver was giving me one of those odd, irritated/concerned looks (I'm betting he was leaning more on the irritated side), before he promptly kicked me off and forced me to wait another thirty minutes for a bus. (RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE)

Luckily, I didn't see anymore business men waiting at bus stops while on my way to Bangor, except for a select few.  I suppose I should be glad I didn't flip out thinking that Slenderman was about to take the bus to Bangor with me. It's bad enough that he can apparently appear anywhere and everywhere he wants.

Well, I'm in Bangor now...should probably finish this frap soon and leave for Brewer. (But I don't wanna! It's so safe and cozy!) From the looks of google map, I'm supposed to be visiting a home. Why a home? I don't even know. I just hope this family doesn't think I'm a mormon...or single guy...or lady...

Yeah, I'm just going to charge my laptop and leave...

(I think there's someone staring at me from the window)

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