Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Making a list, checkin it twice

Gonna find out whether I'm gonna survive.

Sorry, I tend to do these things when I'm nervous, suddenly think of songs I mean. They help, when you're trying to think. It's harder to think now than it was a few years ago. I used to remember everything, didn't even have to study for a test and I'd still get a hundred. Things just aren't the same anymore. Now it seems to hurt my mind whenever I try to remember something. I was on IM with Rebecca earlier, she seemed caught up in some sore of code thing that was bothering her. Something about the year at the top of the post being creepy...

Yeah, whatever.

She also mentioned Lucien again, I think she's really worried about him and...Kay was it? Yeah, Kay.

While she's busy doing...whatever she's doing, I've been busy making a list of what I'll be bringing with me while I'm on the run. Check it out.

-Sidebag (A good size, but the unfortunate color of pink instead of lime green.)

Yeah, I used to like pink...Don't judge me >_<

In it I plan on keeping my laptop mainly, my dream journal, a separate sketchbook for my other stuff. But mostly, I'll just be carrying it around in case I run into stuff that seems interesting enough to take with me. Like, you know, a rock or something....a very pretty rock. But otherwise, it's gonna be my laptop, a sketchbook, and a change of clothes. Yeah (I don't know how I'm gonna fit all this).

In the mean time I plan on filling my lovely green purse with some pepper spray (I've been meaning to buy some after some Irish dude tried to hit on me on the streets), scissors (Leon actually inspired this method of defense for me, he had this theory that not enough people consider turning scissors into a weapon, after all people warn you all the time about not running in them), and I also have an inhaler I can use (I have asthma). Oh, and my lovely pencil case. <3

I think I'm pretty ready for tomorrow. I'm leaving school early to visit Dr. Fitzpatrick, get the info out of him, and go on my merry way. I have some money in my wallet, a bank card, and a metro card Mrs. Sinclaire got me (thanks!). Plus a crap load of gift cards I saved from Christmas (Burger King, anyone?)

Other things of importance:

-rape whistle with a flashlight (best invention ever)
-a tiger doll Frank gave to me for my sixteenth birthday
-a switch blade my dad lent me for sharpening my pencils since I have no sharpener (guess what I plan on using it for)
-My meds

And yeah, that's pretty much it.

Thanks for all the support Rebecca. Here, have a Charles:

Hope things turn out okay. Charles's got my back if they don't.


  1. Charles!

    I almost forgot about him. Thanks Steph, you made my day.

    So, does this mean you aren't mad at Leon anymore for running away on you, since you're using his ideas?

    Anyways, mother wants you to know that she said "Your welcome" and "stay safe".

    Keep holding on, love. <3

    When are you leaving?

  2. No. I'm still pissed at him.

    The scissors idea is quite possibly the most use he's been to me during the course of the last two months.

    And I'm leaving around noon. Dad will be calling the school and stuff. I'm just afraid of the CPS....

  3. I'll deal with them for you Steph, don't worry.