Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I managed to call Dr. Fitzpatrick

The call, with hardly any room for surprise, ended abruptly. He sounded so busy, I could hear every angry yell in the background. It may be a partner, or someone in charge. I couldn't tell, but I'm thinking that this guy may be new. Or, at least, he's a new voice. But I managed to tell him about the dreams Steph. He should be sending some...more of those pills. But I don't think he will be able to talk to you specifically. Which is strange...he said we could call at any time...

Regardless, he insists that the dreams will get better once your body gets used to the pills. Not sure whether I agree, but he also suggests that you drink less coffee. Try tea perhaps? It's incredibly healthy, and it reduces the risk of cancer. Although you probably don't care about that, huh? Somewhere, I still seem to think that this is more of an issue than a cure...

Ever since you've taken those pills you've been anxious. You hardly dream any more. Something tells me, all sleep and no dreams is a very bad sign. I would tell you to stop taking those pills, but your father doesn't want any trouble with the CPS. Speaking of which, one of them came yesterday, asking when you are coming home. I told them you were sick so you would be delayed for awhile. For now, I hope that helps until you coming back. You are coming back right?

Jeremy seems suspicious as well, after I gave him my "warning" (I actually only told him to look out for himself, I couldn't really tell him about Slender Man, nor do I want to) he began following me everywhere. Mostly he asks me if I'm alright, it's as if I was going insane, Jeremy knows I would never dream of fighting anybody. Everyone in the school does. I'm going to try to keep him as far away from things as possible, at least so he could never experience what we've experienced Steph.

Stay safe, and get some sleep. Depriving yourself of sleep will not make the nightmares go away, it will only get worse.

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