Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No School Today (AKA Dream Jounrnal #6)

Well that storm from the mid-west finally caught up with us. And as a result; NO SCHOOL. Which is good, because I've been getting sick and tired of school lately. I can't wait 'til I graduate, so I can leave this hell. By the time June comes and goes, I have a feeling things will be easier. I won't lie, there are times where I wonder, what if things will be harder, so hard I won't be able to deal with it any longer, and lose myself like my mom did? You know how when you were a toddler and you couldn't wait until you went to preschool? Remember when you were so excited about trivial things like learning how to tie your shoes, or going to the potty? Remember when guys and girls played with one another without thinking about how cute the other looked? Remember the preteen years, when girls went goo-goo eyes over their male peers, and nobody knew why? Remember watching all of those high school dramas and wishing you were in high school? Remember the first day of high school when you felt like the world was yours and dreaded the "Almighty Seniors"? Remember all of the high school drama and realizing how stupid it all was?

It's amazing how much our perspective can change within the duration of twelve to fourteen years. It seems like it's just yesterday you were this running, jumping, little ball of innocence, before life just takes that innocence, beats the crap out of it, spits on it, and then takes a dump. So now you're this person who hates the world and just want to be left alone to your own misery.

That's how I feel right now.

This isn't the first time this happened, heck I don't think it'll be the last. Seeing the mom you knew since the very second you came into this world, it's not easy to deal with. You want to stay strong, but there's that voice at the back of your head lightly suggesting to "just give up". All chance's you had at a normal life, "It's over". But hey? Whoever said my life was over? I'm pretty sure this just sounds like angst, but my life's always been this way whether I knew it or not. It seems like fate just likes throwing curve balls to my name. Or maybe fate just secretly likes me. I haven't got a clue. And I always ask myself, "why?" Why me?
God, I sound so much like an angsty teenager right now. Thank God for "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World. If there's any song out that just cheers me up, it's that one. I'm listening to it right now.

Thankfully, I have great friends, such as Rebecca, Frank, Leon, Maya... Rebecca came over yesterday as she promised, and we've pretty much been busy fixing up the house, in case they come. Our house was a bit of a mess anyways. Rebecca absolutely loved this place though, probably because it's been here since the early 1900s. It's a pretty old house, with a fireplace and everything. There's even this cool back room in the basement, and a nice little shed. The stairs are so weird, there are two stairs leading to the attic. I guess one isn't enough? We also have a pickax in the basement, you know, in case we get attacked by any robbers. After giving her the unofficial tour of the houses' creepier areas, Rebecca and dad banded together to create this entire work schedule for the rest of us. My hands and knees are still sore. On the bright side, my dad and I made slumgullion, our family's own secret family. My German step-grandfather (he's not my dad's real father) created it when he was in a hurry, and it stuck. That stuff is delicious, and not that hard to make. I would give the entire world the recipe, but it's a family secret, so no. Sorry. But really, it's just a bunch of breakfast items mushed together in one plate of taste-bud goodness. Rebecca's supposed to come again today to help with the kids while my dad goes to work, she's even going to be bringing her own ingredients so she can make clones of her mother's pasta. She's a good friend, even though she's a bit pressing at times. Like with this whole Slender Man thing. I have nothing against anybody who claims to be followed by this guy, but I really don't want to believe that my mother is being chased by some faceless guy in a suit. Just saying.

My mom's still in the psyche ward, haven't got a chance to see her, but really, I don't want to. I do not want to see my mother on some hospital bed, secured so that she doesn't twitch violently, spouting nonsense while the nurses spoon feed her medicine. I'm sorry, but I'm not all for that. Yesterday my Health teacher gave us an interesting lesson on the dangers of LSD, and actually suggested that we take kids to the psyche ward to show them how crazy synthesized drugs made people who grew up in the 60s. UM. NO. Just no. I don't want a bunch of kids to know how terrifying seeing a delusional, crazy person can be. That shit is traumatizing. It's bad enough my sister is crying all the time now, and my littlest brother doesn't even respond to us. Kids won't be able to take that stuff. Even if he was talking about teens, TEENS WON'T BE ABLE TO TAKE THAT. What, do adults actually think we want to be mindfucked by crap like that? We have enough suicidal teens as it is.

I don't know, adults can be pretty stupid sometimes. My father is scheduled to meet the psychiatrist on Friday. I really want to go with him so I can call his ass out. But my dad won't let me. Understandable, I'll probably only make things worse. The CPS is also supposed to visit sometime this week, I hope it's not today. It bloody well not be today. I don't want to deal with that. I just can't. And when they do come, if they even think about suggesting foster care, I'm locking up the door on them. I don't even care.

In all of the chaos, I managed to have another dream last night. Well ain't that just peachy!

This one was a continuation of the dream with the dog. Remarkably I was lucid dreaming in this one. At first, I was just standing outside the weird "Two of Diamonds"door (as I will call it since Rebecca seems to think it's some sort of playing card). The ash tree sapling grew a bit and it was snowing, the golden retriever that lead me there was a frozen statue. I was like, "whatever", and tried the door again. It opened with the loudest creak I've ever heard and I almost woke up for a second. It was like that one closet door you were always afraid to open. Inside was this big huge chess board that seemed to go on forever. Now I like chess, but I haven't played it since I was in fifth grade. I used to be good too. One kid was nice enough to teach me all of his tricks. I'm kind of sad now that I forgot them all. It just so happened that for no apparent reason, there was this tall black mirror in the center. It was weird, so I went to investigate. I thought this was going to be a whole Harry Potter thing, with showing you what you wished for the most. I thought that would be sort of cool. Sure enough I couldn't see a thing inside the mirror, everything was a blur. I could see the outline of a person, but I'm pretty sure that was me. I think. The moment I touched it, however, I immediately woke up.

Well at least it's better than a basketball.

I wonder why the mirror was blurred though.

Bleh, I better work on my English homework while I have the time.


  1. Alright Steph, I'll be coming over soon. Then we can start on that pasta. Then we'll be doing some more work around the house. You're probably going to hate me for this too, but it's for your own good. :]

    Sorry if this is a bit late, I see you've had another one of your dreams. It's nice to see you've liked my description of the door. I love you too.

    It's possible that the ash tree can represent a growing solidarity, and a growing amount of protection. Hm. Funny that. The snow can be you feeling neglected and alone with repressed feelings as before. Although those feelings don't seem so repressed now. You're really letting yourself out dearie. Entering the doorway signifies that you are entering a new stage and are moving from one level of consciousness to another. Chess usually represents a need to carefully think through a situation before making a new decision, those black and white squares being pros and cons. A fogged mirror means you are confused in your life decisions, and having some trouble with personal identity. I'd go with the confused part. You're always confused aren't you? Well dear, I'm sorry to say but this another one of those trials you have to go through. It'll probably be tougher than any trial you have ever experienced. But I'm here with you throughout the entire way, other people as well. You aren't alone in this.

    Here, have another song to listen to while you're moping. :3

    Keep Holding on, love. <3

  2. I'm sometimes a good person with dream interpretation. The chessboard definitely struck me, though. Not just because of what it means in the dream, but chess has a significant reference in current events with Slenderman.

  3. Oh God, don't tell me you actually think this thing is real.

    Look, I don't want to hear it. It's nothing against you but I'd rather just worry about my mother's sanity than have a bunch of random people come and tell me that my mom and I are being chased by a tall, faceless dude. It was only a hallucination, nothing more, nothing less.