Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stephanie's finally coming home

We're going to leave in a bit to pick her up. She was supposed to come back Thursday, but something came up. Perhaps the person who is most happy about this is her father, Mr. Nord. I've been very busy all week, taking care of Stephanie's siblings. They are quite a handful. I have been checking in every now and then, and I must say things are as crazy as ever. Jeff's leaving us it seems, something I cannot accept. I mean, after all he did he's just going to leave? After providing a cure to so many people? It's just...mind boggling. But I suppose...this calls for a farewell?

Goodbye Jeff. That cure of yours is brilliant.

Zeke...Zeke's talking to himself in the mirror. Other people would think this is crazy, but as a believer in Jungian Psychology I actually think this might be a good thing. I'm not too sure why Zeke's subconscious looks like a person named Eric Riley, but I suppose there is a reason for everything.

Robert's back. Kind of. Redlight is not just one person as it seems, but an entire network of people, who know what we do before we do it, possibly using the Dark World that has been described by Robert. It does make sense, but it also complicates things. If there are more then one Redlight, then how do we beat them? We need to find some way to know who is who and when and where. It's all so confusing. I suppose we can try and find a way to break into their communication network. If that's even possible...

Cynthia is in charge of everything now that Redlight left for reasons I do not know, and I doubt any of us will ever know. But it seems Cynthia's fighting his influence. So there's something to have hope about. I just hope she succeeds. It would nice to get to know the old Cynthia.

As for me, I've been busy preparing for Frankie's funeral. So far I managed to help the family contact all his relatives and friends, find a good funeral home and prepare for his wake. I've asked around and finally decided on the song that should be played at his funeral.

Steph told me he showed this to her once during their art class. He said it was supposed to be their graduation song. Too bad he will never get that chance to graduate now. Slender Man...words cannot describe how angry I am. Why did he have to chose him? If he was going to punish me why not kill me instead? But then I suppose Steph would have no one to talk to. I suppose she'll be all alone then...I don't even know if I want to witness what would happen afterwords. She's so fragile, I'd like to think. Yet she's very good at hiding it. I can't even tell if she's sad over Frank's death or not. She just always wears that smile, that silly smile of hers. Yet I know, that she's hurting inside. I can tell. I can see it in her eyes. I've asked her if she had any dreams lately. She claims she has, but she doesn't remember them. There have been times, she says, when she felt a need to draw, but decided against it. She's afraid of what she would draw. On Wednesday she spoke with Dr. Fitzpatrick about everything, but doesn't want to tell me what they talked about. "I'll tell you when I come back", she said. She also had some talks with her mother, something I couldn't do. It's because they are relatives, I suppose.

In the meantime I keep trying to contact our mysterious troll. The bitch won't answer any of my E-mails. I don't understand, why won't she talk to me?

I'm beginning to think she will only talk to Steph and Steph alone.

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