Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dr. Fitzpatrick

Tall, lean. A tad bit pale. Red headed, naturally. Dr. Fitzpatrick, the sort of guy who you can't help but think he was the sort of kid who grew up as a nerd in high school. Or at least, the sort who would've been seen as one. Freckles, those thick rimmed glasses, pens in the breast pocket. The entire deal. He seemed to intimidate Steph when I took her to visit him, along with the physicist. I'm not entirely sure the reason, but psychiatrists seem to irk Steph. A lot, actually. She wouldn't even look at him. But he seemed kind enough. He didn't necessarily show any ill will, and didn't seem to mind my presence. He had even let me come in with her, and watch their session once I told him I was a friend. Although it could be because I had Steph's dream journal.

Steph's still cross with me about that. Although it wasn't like I could ignore it. I looked through some of the pictures, and some of them... they were different from the ones posted online. She was hiding them. I'll try to post them tomorrow, they're strange to say the least. When she said she wasn't dreaming...I think she was lying.

We talked to Dr. Fitzpatrick about the pill. As he described it those were normal side effects, and should wear down shortly. "All stress relievers cause drowsiness", as they are depressants, I suppose. I ask him about lack of dreams, he smiled, stating that a lack of dreams were a normal side effect as well. Then I show him the dream journal. The new images...he said they couldn't be dreams.

How is psychiatrist supposed to know these things anyways?

But he seemed to know what he was doing. His manner was professional, kind. He always looked thoughtful. I tend to like people like that. Somehow they seem trustworthy.

But if Steph wasn't dreaming, what could these images be?

The psychiatrist suggested that Steph was in a fit of inspiration...inspiration to make these?

I don't know.

But after the session, Steph randomly suggested that she went to the park this weekend. Should I let her? She's still kind of sick (even though she insisted she goes to school tomorrow).

We also got to visit her mother today...I was made to stand outside. Steph came out shaken, to the point of tears. She refused to talk about her mother's problems. Mr. Nord (who was off today) was the strongest of the two. But he was just as suspicious of Dr. Fitzpatrick as Steph was, perhaps more so. I asked him why, and he told me that he had no problem with psychology, but Dr. Fitzpatrick is doing it the wrong way. Something about pills, he dislikes them, with a passion it seems.

"Medicine does not cure a person from insanity" was his words.

Which got me thinking about the cure.

I can't help but wonder if it really works.


I fortified the Nord home. I won't say how because I can't risk Steph getting mad at me, it will only make things worse. In the meantime, I'm going to try to ask her why she wants to go to the park. It's too cold for that.

Perhaps the movies will suit her needs better. I have two tickets. ;]

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