Monday, February 21, 2011

The Visit

I just got back from the hospital. Words cannot describe how I feel right now. I managed to meet up with Stephanie. She isn't as bad as I thought she was. She only has a few broken bones. She should be released by next week at the latest. Which means this entire week is now a big waste. That's not the worst of it.

She saw him. She saw him.

She told me during the conversation we had in her room. The nurse allowed us to speak alone with each other for fifteen minutes. I took this time to ask her about what happened Saturday night. Here's an excerpt of what we talked about:

(I sit in a chair next to Steph's bed. She looks tired, like she hasn't slept for weeks. There is cut around her cheek area. She smiles at me.)

Stephanie: Rebecca, I'm so glad you're hear. The service here is terrible. Have you seen they crap they feed you here? I'd rather eat dirt!

(I hug her before she could say anything else. I think I crushed a few ribs)

Me: Steph! You're okay!

S: I?

M: You're not dead!

S: Uh....yeah, I'm still breathing aren't I? Although I won't be for long if you won't let go of me.

(I let go of her)

M: Steph, I've been so don't even know. That night-

(She interrupts me)

S: I know.

M: Steph, Frank is dead!

(Stephanie falls silent. This is the first time I have ever a look of genuine fear in her eyes.)

M: Steph?

(She breaks down. For a moment I thought the nurses would come in on us.)

S (between sobs): It's not fair! He didn't do anything! He didn't deserve this! Tell me it isn't true! Please!

M: I'm...I'm sorry Steph. If there's anything I can do-

S: No! Don't even try it Rebecca. It's too late now. He's gone. I didn't want to believe it at first but that thing...

M: What are you talking about Steph?

S: Rebecca, what did you call that faceless guy in a suit? Tall Man or something?

(I fall silent. There was nothing I could say)

M: What happened on Saturday Steph? You've got to tell me.

S: You didn't see it? It was right there, right in front of you and you didn't see it? God Rebecca, have you gone blind or something? Tall guy! Faceless! In a suit! It had tentacles and shit. It looked like he was going to anal rape you or something. What the fuck? You really didn't see it?

M: Steph, I really don't know what you're talking about-

S: Frank ran after it Rebecca! Don't tell me you didn't see?! He was trying to protect you!

M: Oh....oh my...

S: Yeah, you see?

M: I'm so sorry Steph.

S: DON'T APOLOGISE. Geez, you make it seem like you killed Frank...

M: Um...

S: Anyways, I should be the one apologizing. In fact, I have a confession to make.

M: What?

S: I...kind of sort of....knew it existed from the beginning.


S: I didn't want to admit to it because really the entire thing seemed kind of silly. I mean, come on, a faceless monster wearing a business suit? How dumb can you get? But when I saw how similar that thing you kept on talking about (what's his name?) I couldn't ignore the fact that I never heard of this guy before, so I couldn't have been hallucinating it. But I didn't want to admit that I believed that some faceless dude was stalking my mother. Not yet anyways. And then this crap happens so now I have no choice but accept it. We're fucked Rebecca.

M: So what about Leon? Do you know what happened to him?

S: Ugh, don't even mention that jerk's name to me.

M: Why? What happened?

S: Remember when Frank lunged at what's-his-face?

M: Um...I suppose...

S: Well, they were wrestling with each other and shit, Frank and what's-his-face. I tried running after him but Leon the bitch stopped me, telling me that it was already too late and shit. Motherfucker. This is Frank we're talking about! So the thing disappeared, taking Frank along with it, screaming like a fucking banshee on crack, and I couldn't do anything about it! I was this close to punching the shit out of Leon. But he fucking ran away before I could do anything. That coward. He fucking ran away. I tried running after him but everything caved in on me. The last thing I remember was being surrounded by a bunch of worried faces.

M: I don't understand...that doesn't sound anything like Leon.

S: Well, it looks like his true colors finally revealed themselves huh?

M: So what do we do now?

(Steph shrugs)

S: I dunno, wait? Fuck, Rebecca, you're supposed to know what we're dealing with, why don't you tell me? How the hell did you find out Frank was dead anyways?

M: found his body...

S: What the fuck?

M: I don't want to explain the details, but it was back at the park, near the bridge by the soccer field...

S: Oh yeah, I know what you're talking about. That one creek that nobody cares about?

M: Um...yeah....

S: Dammit. Have the police found it yet?

M: I'm not entirely sure. But I did tell them about it.

S: Good, maybe they can find Leon.

M: Steph, I'm not too sure...

S: Shut up. Now, about whats-his-name-

M: Slender Man.

S: Really? ...Alright....About Slender Man. Who the hell is he and what does he want with me?

M: Um...this is a bit hard to explain...

S: Lay it on me.

So I tell her everything, I told her about the blogs, Marble Hornets, my own experiences with the mysterious trolls. I couldn't tell what Steph was thinking throughout the entire story, but I know she was a bit dazed. It was so much for her to take it in, that there were other people suffering due to this creature's existence. She just kept on asking questions, some of them I couldn't even answer. I'm scared. I was the only one that couldn't see it that night. Why? Why me? Steph tells me not to worry about it, but that only makes me worry more. I'm supposed bookmark all of the blogs I want her to read so she can research this guy. But what if it targets her more. What if she becomes her mother? Steph told me that I'm starting to sound like she did at the beginning of this madness, maybe I am, but I just can't take it. It's too much...

I managed to see Dr. Fitzpatrick. He seemed awfully agitated, and he kept on muttering the same words over and over again; "It's too soon", "You promised me". I don't exactly know what it means, but Dr. Fitzpatrick prescribed Steph even more medicine from the looks of it. So that means she'll be sleeping even more now...

I tried seeking audience with Mrs. Nord. I thought if anyone, she would know what's happening since she was the first to be targeted by this thing. But the nurses denied me entrance, she is not allowed any visitors apparently. But why? Is she really that damaged in the head? I'd like to not think so, but there's something fishy about that hospital. It doesn't feel right whenever I'm inside.

I'm not going to think about it now. I just need to relax...

Seems impossible, now that I know he's actively threatening the both of us. I'm almost considering running away, but I can't. I still have people I need to take care of. And if he tries to kill anyone else I...

I don't even know.

Maybe I can take out my anger on the mysterious troll....invite her to tea....have a little chat....

No, that's silly.

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