Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tripping Wizards

Totally dude.

So our little helper person thing the CPS sent us came to visit. And apparently I missed her...


I blame the buses. Our transport here sucks. And it was cold as hell. At least I got to listen to some nice people talk about their travels. Seriously, these people have been to Ireland, England, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, France, and Sicily...they're freakin' awesome. One of the two even lived in California for a time. She had this great description going on about one of the earthquakes. Makes me glad there ain't any earthquakes up here. And apparently, they charge a lot of money for harley shirts in England. Not that I'm much of a saleswoman.

Haha! Let in the tourest jokes!

...Right, anyways; Social Workers.

My dad didn't like her. From his own words, she was "disgusting". Yay, I like the sound of this arrangement already. My dad wrote a story about our situation last night, fiction of course, as a sort of testament to mom. Turns out this social worker hated it. Well. HATER'S GONNA HATE. I honestly liked the story. It had a surreal thing going on with a demonic evil haunting my mom and stuff, driving her to insanity. Pretty solid story. I don't know why people have no sense of imagination these days. It blows my mind sometimes.

As it turns out, my dad was inspired to become a writer thanks to tabletop roleplay. Now, I'd like you folks to know that I am an avid roleplayer, I have so many characters on hold, it ain't even funny, (I guess it runs in the family huh?), so when my dad tells me he's planning on getting us the entire set of The Fantasy Trip, of course I'd be freakin' excited! This game, it's freakin' old as hell, dating back to the 70s. I didn't even know it existed until now. I'm telling ya, I'm ready to play as an elf who wields a bow and is friends with little critters and shit. It'll be fun.

I'm totally gonna raid a castle.

But enough about my geeky family (I never realized how geeky we truly are o.O), Rebecca's got some problems with her grandmother. Apparently she had a heart attack or something and is in the hospital as well. Fuck. What is with all these people and getting into the hospital all at the same time? My dad called up mom the other day and she sounded terrible. She was crying and everything, saying "sorry" OVER and OVER again. I couldn't handle it for long, and had to hand the phone back to dad before I could muster a word. My brother Joshua's much better at acting calm than I am. His a pretty nonchalant dude. I think that when he plays TFT, he'll be something of the silent warrior type. I can just feel it, ya know?

Still no dreams, and hardly any sleep. I find myself dozing off in classes instead. I think I need to start taking some sleeping pills or something, because really, this shit is starting to get real ridiculous real fast. I'm even starting to see freakin' bangs under my eyes. Rebecca keeps on telling me I need help.

Yeah, and I'm seeing a psychiatrist tomorrow.


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