Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Steph's Sick

I'm at her home right now. It's freezing here. Steph wasn't able to explain what happened when I asked her why it was so cold. Apparently the furnace got busted. I went to check it and everything. Absolutely no flame whatsoever. So that means no hot water. Stephanie's father whose vacation recently ended, was furious. Luckily the power works, so we'll be having TV dinner today. I offered Steph the chance to stay at my place again, but she refused. "I'm not going after last time, so you can forget it" were her own words. The cold temperatures has apparently caused her sickness, or something to that effect, but she also tells me that one of her siblings had strep throat. Not too sure what to believe at the moment.

I managed to meet her social worker in person today. She isn't that bad. She's actually kind of nice, and funny, really. She had pretty much the same reaction I had when she entered the home. I had to convince her that it was nothing to worry about though, since Steph was almost to the point of pulling her hair out. I think Steph's being a wee bit too judgmental in this case.

She refuses to come out of her room. And seems content with just sleeping all day. It's as if that's all she wants to do right now. She won't even do the homework I brought her. I asked her why she hadn't updated her blog yesterday, and she told me that the internet wasn't working. But it's working perfectly.


Now I see what Steph was talking about, it is weird. I'm almost certain that this isn't some normal technical difficulties now. Although Steph tells me that it happens every now and then since Saturday. Mr. Nord is currently thinking about switching to another internet provider. I'm not too sure whether that will help or not, to be honest. But we shall see.

I've heard about the killing of innocents. Wow, these people are very unimaginative aren't they? You would think they would know that it's absolutely pointless. Even if they were to win any "favor" (which seems to be what they are attempting to do) it won't last that long. How can people be this blind? It...it just confuses me is all.

Lucien, good luck. I know you can do it.

Keep holding on guys. <3


  1. The innocent killing has stopped for now. They're giving her back.

    This is the only situation in which Sullivan's Law doesn't apply, I'm afraid...