Friday, February 4, 2011

Today Was A Surprisingly Good Day.

The snow is melting and I've received some conformation about the college I plan on attending. And then I see this animated film in the paper called "The Illusionist". Note to self: SEE THIS MOVIE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In case none of you guys figured it out yet, I'm a big supporter of the animation business, and seeing movies like this fills my heart with hope, even if life isn't exactly the greatest. I've been thinking, why complain when the sun's still out and the sky's still blue? My dad even thought he'd surprise me with all six comic books in the Scott Pilgrim series. Although I'm actually starting to believe that he got it for himself. Believe it or not, my dad's actually quite the avid Scott Pilgrim fan. On the other hand, he seems to feel a bit guilty for the situation we're in. He pushes himself way too hard sometimes. I don't even think he slept last night.

I didn't either, actually. It's really becoming harder and harder to sleep now, and I keep on thinking something's going to grab me in the darkness. A psychiatrist will probably have a field day with me. Speaking of psychiatrists, my dad went to visit my mom's psychiatrist today. He won't tell me what the heck happened there so don't even try to ask. The psychiatrist's name is Dr. Fitzpatrick, and you can tell my dad's pretty agitated with him when the very mention of his name causes a vein to pulse.

I haven't met him yet, so I can't really judge. All I know is that this guy may be as useless and annoying as Ms. Bitch and Mr. Dick, or just useless. And I say yet, because, apparently, he wants to see me next Wednesday. Why? I have no freakin' idea. But I can tell you this, I never enjoyed speaking with psychiatrists.

I'm going to try to go to sleep early tonight. Or something.

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