Monday, January 31, 2011

Looks like Steph already found out...

I was just debating whether I should post the news, but it seems Steph beat me to it. My mom received voice mail from Mr. Nord earlier in the afternoon. Steph I'm so sorry, I wish there's something I can do. Anything. I can come over there after school, make food and help clean. Anything. Please don't be mad at me.

You may, not want to think of this as more than a fantasy, a dream that just won't go away. You have my sympathies. You do. But there's no other possible explanation to explain this phenomenon. You said it yourself, you never researched this creature in your life. The description matches perfectly. Perhaps you should consider that this thing may be after your mother, I highly doubt your imagination could come up with something as real as this creature, as wonderful as it is. Dare I mention how unlikely it is that the TV started acting out and the lights were dimming? Unless you were high on LSD at the time, which I highly doubt. And you certainly do not fit the definition of "insane" as far as I, your friend, is concerned (although you do some crazy stuff at times). Face it Steph, this is real, and you are not alone.

I found someone who's being chased by him, just like your mom, and he is also experiencing strange dreams, just like you. There are other people too. Hundreds of them, maybe thousands. Maybe even millions. Let me repeat, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. So don't waste time being angry at me. The least you can do is accept some help, or at least accept my help. I only want to help you Steph. From what I read he can do horrible things to you if you aren't careful. Just reading these things gives me goosebumps. I don't want them happening to you.

I hope you read this Steph.

Keep holding on.

Also, it seems the Operator symbol has some sort of effect in protecting oneself from him as shown in Lucien's recent blog. But that is only one instance. If I can find more evidence of it's protective warding I'm afraid I'm going to have to suggest that you use it Steph. Just in case.

It seems it can feel pain too, which is good since it suggests he can be harmed somewhat, unfortunately he can also harm you back.


  1. Fuck you, I'm not going to put up random symbols all over my house. It just gives CPS more of a reason to try to screw my life over (again), thank you very much.

    I guess you can come over and help in my house if you really think that will help. Just don't expect me to seek help from people I never met in my life, because frankly, I'm smarter than that.

    I don't care about Slender Man, I don't want to hear about him. I just want my old mom back. Is that too much to ask for?

  2. Steph, I wouldn't recommend putting the symbols up anyway. As Rebecca said, the Operator symbol did manage to help me in my predicament, but that was only one instance. Next time (if it happens), it may do absolutely nothing. I know you don't want to accept help from strangers, I probably wouldn't want to either, at least a month ago. But now, with what I'm going through, and seeing that others are dealing with it as well, I'm more than willing to accept any help I can. Steph, please listen to Rebecca. She cares for you. And though we have not met, I do too. I care for all who have seen, fought, or even died because of him.