Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I told Rebecca about this blog…

Oh God, I gave her the URL and everything. Now she’s going to make an account, and start pestering me, isn't she? WHY did I tell her about this blog again? Oh right, she kept on bothering me about during lunch. I didn’t even get to finish my chicken sandwich either. The fact we have only twenty minutes to eat is idiotic alone. Well, I suppose it won’t be any trouble, I guess. It’s not like she’s going to tell the entire school my deepest darkest secrets, unlike some people. I’m looking at you Jeremy. Besides, this should be fun. Two best friends following each other on the internet...

Yeah, it should totally be fun.


Other than the stupid midterm exam and my Art History teacher PMSing for the hundredth time in a roll, today was an okay day. I managed to get one teacher to finally finish a recommendation letter for me. Now all I need to do is visit the guidance office tomorrow and turn in my application. I got accepted into one college so far, but too bad it’s local. Hopefully this college will accept me, because otherwise I have no idea what to do. Rebecca tells me I’m too obsessed with this college thing, which I call bull. I just care about my future, that’s all. I mean, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life stuck in a city I don’t even like. There’s no magic, no excitement in that.

I should probably start cooking soon. Hot dogs today, ya know? I happen to like making hot dogs; they’re so easy and quick. Just put them on the stove, and presto! Nice brown hot dogs. I do tend to burn them a lot, but that’s okay, people still eat them. Or at least they better eat them. I’m usually the one to cook the food in my family, now that my mom is sick. She’s actually been sick for awhile…I don’t want to talk about it too much. It’s alright though, really. She just needs some time and she’ll get better. In the meantime I’m more than okay with doing the tough jobs around the house when dad’s at work. Somebody’s got to do it. I’m just the person for the job, mostly because I’m the only person for the job.


  1. Hey hun. I’m here to be a pest, like I promised. <3

    Sorry to hear about your mom. How long ago did she first become sick? When I saw her last she seemed fine.

    I’m glad to see you’re managing to open yourself. Perhaps the world will have a better chance of understanding you, you funny child.

    Still obsessing over colleges I see. Just try not to overwork yourself. We both know how you are when you go to school with a headache.

    P.S. I’m not that sly, am I?

  2. She’s been sick for almost five months, Rebecca. It’s not a normal sickness either. Something’s up with her, something’s up with her mind…that’s all I can say.

    And don’t worry too much about me. I tend to get distracted before I overwork myself too much. Call it a talent, of sorts.

    P.S. Yes, yes you are.

  3. That’s horrible. I hope she feels better soon. You’re okay with doing all this work dear?