Saturday, January 29, 2011


I made Steph make me an admin. For plenty of reasons. Mainly a video she posted earlier that I needed to get rid of. What have I told you about putting yourself in that mindset Steph?

Well, it's not like Steph can see this anyways. She is banned from the computer until I can calm her down. She refused to leave when I came to fetch her, crying hysterically, clinging to her mother who sat there smiling in a creepy manner. I had to use force to pry her away, and she kept on asking me to kill her so she could wake up. So, she's banned from using knives as well, as a result.

She's pretty shaken up.

Until then I will be posting regularly on her condition as promised to her father.

Mr. Nord is a kind man, for a Marine. If he's as shaken up as Steph about this situation, he's really good at hiding it. He didn't seem too troubled, just concerned for his wife and child, as you'd expect from a father. I was so glad to have talked to him. To think this rough looking man had such a passion for classical literature. Steph is so lucky to have a father like him. I hated my own father.

Me and Steph are polar opposites, so to speak. She is uncertain while I know exactly what I want in life. She is timid (believe it or not) and shy, while I'm usually the one to lead a conversation along. She's an optimistic dreamer, while I'm a realist. She's stubborn, while I'm very accepting. A lot of this sounds like I'm gloating, I'm sure. But it is the simple truth that Steph has far more strength than I in certain situations. It's just in this situation things seem to not be going her way. I wish I can give you the whole story, but Steph still won't let me know what happened. She's always so...stubborn. Yes, that is the word. Poor girl. I wish I could end this all.

I recently begun researching the phenomenon known as Slender Man. A faceless man as tall as a tree, with disjointed limbs and a black suit. A bit too human sounding for my tastes, yet people seem so terrified of him. Steph refuses to look at my computer screen because she knows what I'm looking at. Instead, she's helping herself to my copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. I tried seeing what play she was reading but she kept on edging away. It must've been important. To say the least.

Dinner should be available soon. My own mother agreed to make Spaghetti for our dear guest who had finished her coffee awhile ago. It seemed to have calmed her for the most part, although she is still paranoid and is constantly pitching herself as if she believes she is asleep. Poor dear, whatever she saw, hallucination or not, seems to have shaken her up. But the more I research this "Slender Man", the more convinced I become that it wasn't a simple hallucination.

It's all very frightening really.

From what I've read, he has the ability to distort technology, which explains the television and the lights acting out. He can teleport, which explains him disappearing and reappearing. Only one thing doesn't quite add up; does he not target only children? Apparently he targets young adults, even forty-year-olds, but it seems rather strange. Also, he's supposed to prefer the forest, but why did he attack Mrs. Nord in her own house? Or can he leave the forest whenever he wants? From the looks of the photos of him that seems to be the case. However, I don't think Steph should consider visiting the park any longer. In fact I'd rather she forget about this silly girl altogether. It all seems so dangerous now. I know Steph won't agree with this, but it's for her own good.

Dinner's ready, got to go.

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