Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dream Journal #2

Rebecca, I did what you told me to do and talked with the teacher. She's going to allow me to come during regents week to work on my shirt design. If I finish it, I'll make sure to show you. She was actually kind of nice about it...sort of. On the other hand, I got a 92 in Participation in Government. I'm so happy it's not even funny! I wonder what I got in Trig though...I still need to challenge the exam on Tuesday (and pass). Here's to wishing I finally get out of that class. I hate math. So much.

One of my friends is supposed to come do my hair since it's kind of tangled. Either next week or this weekend; I can't freakin' wait! He won't even tell me what he's going to do, I'm kind of, sort of nervous. Just a little bit. He experiments on hair ALL THE TIME. Most of his "experiments" can seem kind of wacky. But he is good, so..

Ah, who am I kidding?!

I'll upload a pic when I'm done for you Rebecca :D

I also got another dream for you! This one's weird.

I was in the park again, I could tell because I recognized a cliff that was over the creek. There was snow on the ground this time, yet I didn't feel anything, no coldness, no warmth...just nothing. Ahead I could see this girl who was obviously cold. I could see her shivering as she looked over the cliff. I tried calling out her name, but she couldn't hear me, or wasn't listening, I don't know which. But she was so familiar it killed me. I wanted to know who this girl was, so I walked up to her, hand outstretched.

And she fell.

That was the end of it, the dream ended before I can do anything else. I couldn't even save her, I just.

I woke up crying this morning.

P.S. I watched Rebo! The Genetic Opera after begging my dad to get for me. The guy who's going to do my hair showed me one of their songs and I fell in love. It's a pretty good movie, I hated Shiloh though, she just seemed like a stereotypical teenaged brat. I actually couldn't care if she was infected, which is sad. Her father was more sympathetic than her. At least the Graverobber was awesome. Seriously that guy was as sexy as hell :3

Watch it. You won't regret it!


  1. That's fantastic Steph! I'm so happy for you!

    This hairstylist is Frank isn't he? He's the only guy in the school who changes his hair every day. Tell him he should do my hair sometime as well.<3

    This Repo movie, I never heard of it, but I'll check it out. Seems like an interesting movie.

    Now, on to the dream.

    That snow represents frigidity, inhibitions, and unexpressed motions. That, or you are feeling indifferent. Since you feel nothing in the dream, you could be. I think that if there are any unexpressed motions, you need to start expressing how you feel more often. To dream that someone is falling off a cliff suggests that you are going through difficult times (which you are), and are afraid of the future. You fear that you aren't up for the challenge, and won't meet the expectations of others.

    This girl.

    You claim she is familiar, yet you don't see her face. Maybe she's a girl from school? Or me, even? What color is her hair? Maybe, that's a clue to her identity. I wish you had seen her face, that would make this much easier to interpret. It would be strange if you have never met before.

    Ever heard of prophetic dreams?

  2. Thanks :)

    You should totally check it out. And I'll make sure to sneak in a word for you.


    I'll admit, I'm kind of afraid of the future, I don't even know if I'll get into college no thanks to the financial situation my family's in :(

    Unfortunately, the only way I can express my feelings is through artwork, and I've been so busy lately it seems like I hardly have time for stuff like that. I can try though.

    The girl has red hair, that much I know. I wish I saw her face too, I can't tell if she's from my school or not. If she is, I hope she's okay. I've read about prophetic dreams before, something about predicting the future? While I don't really think my dreams actually like that, it does make me frightened. I mean, what if it's telling me that someone I know is in trouble?

    I'm going to try to start developing the ability to lucid dream. First step to do this is the Reality Check. I'm already kind of did this by noticing I was in the park again and recognizing I was in a creek, but I still couldn't control the dream. Apparently, I have to keep track of how or why I'm in that environment instead of just recognizing it. That would've been nice to know before I have that dream... Next time, I'm going to try doing the hand test, or do that watch test (I do have a digital watch). Hopefully I'll remember doing this. I usually forget important stuff ALL THE TIME D:

    If I can learn how to lucid dream, hopefully I can develop my recall skills enough to have that dream again, and see that girl's face. Then I can have some idea of what that dream's really about.

  3. Don't fear the future, hun. If you keep on the road you're on, odds are you'll pull through. Scholarships exist for a reason.

    I don't know if you should try to see her face for yourself. Lucid dreaming means you'll be controlling your dream. If you try to look at her face you may find nothing at all. This is the work of your subconscious, let your subconscious reveal this mystery for you. Until then, just try not to worry too much about your life.

    Keep holding on love. <3