Monday, January 31, 2011

Thanks for letting me stay over I guess. But Rebecca, you're freakin' nuts if you think I'm going to believe this "Slender Man" is after me. I've read your posts, and I've seen your watchlist. Rebecca this is crazy, and it isn't helping. So just forget about Slender Man, just accept that I was hallucinating and leave it at that. I admit, I was acting kind of nuts, but whose to say I'm not as insane as my own mother? Maybe I'm just as crazy as her. Maybe they'll place me in the loony bin next huh?

Yeah, that's right internet. My mom just got committed to the psyche ward. Yeah, I'm so fucking calm right now. Apparently dad thought it was smart to take her out after she had a mental breakdown, where she started shouting religious nonsense and bothering everyone. I am so fucking calm. To make matters worse CPS had to come to my school and tell me this.THE CPS PEOPLE. And if you don't know who they are you're lucky because they are the worst group of human beings to walk the planet. My dad had to skip work because of this crap. Thank God we actually have money this time, and he has an eight day vacation in four days. THANK GOD. My dad's trying to schedule an appointment with the stinking psychiatrist that my mom's been visiting in the last five months. I hope my dad can sue his ass, because whatever the hell he's doing ain't helping much.

Freakin' balls.

By the way Rebecca, I'm getting rid of your admin permissions.

This sucks.

But hey, at least I've got accepted into a college right?

Yeah, go fucking me.

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