Sunday, January 30, 2011

Done With Marble Hornets

Well, I fell asleep at my computer, but I have finished the videos. I'm now starting to read some of the blogs, beginning with Encyclopedia Slenderia, which seems to be where I can find the most information on this creature. That Totheark, or Masky, or whomever you call him, there seems to be others like him. The call them "Proxies", and they seem to be with Slender Man. It seems sort of a stretch, that this creature needs servants. I've never heard of a horrific being with servants....except vampires, maybe. Is Slender Man a vampire?

...No, I don't think so.

Then there's the Operator Symbol. I have never heard of this symbol in my life, but from what people are saying it seems to act as a Slender Man repellent. The problem is, others are saying it draws Slender Man to his victims. I'm not about to chance it with such inconsistencies, before I try to do that I'll need to research for whom it worked and why first. Personally, I'll do anything to keep Steph safe. She's sleeping like a baby at the moment. Usually she'd be at church right now, but I come from an agnostic family, so she got to sleep in today. After a talk with her father last night we agreed she'll be coming home after school tomorrow. My mother already said she'll be bringing her things to her home. Mr. Nord told me that meanwhile, he'll be taking his wife out for dinner tonight to ease her nerves. I wished them luck, hopefully a bit of romantic fun can aide in Mrs. Nord's recovery from her illness.

Speaking of illness, victims being hunted by the Slender Man are said to develop a "slendersickness". Now, Steph has not begun coughing as of yet, nor does she have a fever. Although...she has refused to eat her Spaghetti last night, much to my mother's dismay, and seems to feel a bit warm. Does this mean she'll get the sickness soon?

I'm beginning to think about leaving her home, just thinking about these symptoms of a victim that are being listed.

I asked Steph to bring me the dream journal that she records her dreams in, thinking that I might some of the codes or cryptic messages listed as one of the symptoms. I found nothing. However, she did post that one rather cryptic video....

I have to keep an eye on her even after she leaves so it seems.

One of the many advice that is given in these blogs is to run. It seems that's the best way to survive him. At least, according to M it is, and he seems to have evaded the creature longer than anybody else. That's good to hear, that it is possible to evade him. Although, I don't think I can convince Steph to do something like that at the moment. I don't think she would run, she doesn't even seem able. Steph wouldn't be able to survive out in the world as far as I'm concerned. It would be too much on her poor head to suggest such a thing. It's bad enough, she hallucinated saw this creature. Not to mention, her mother seems to be a victim in this as well, and I don't think Steph will want to leave her after that. The way she cried when I was trying to separate them.... Yes, it will be very difficult. But I suppose I can try if it seems so important. In the meanwhile, I'm going to research this "Operator Symbol", perhaps see if there are other ways I can fortify the house. The masks, I don't want to do. Not after watching that Totheark guy on camera. And from the looks of Marble Hornets, taping yourself doesn't seem to help much, we don't have any cameras anyhow. One of the other advices I've taken special interest to is to not accept invitations, which is what that dream Steph keeps having seems to be. I'm definitely not allowing her to go to the park now. I like H(a)unting's advice the best. Not panicking seems to be the best move we can make at the moment. There seems to be some conflict about groups, however, but I like to think it's better for me and Steph to stay together than for us to separate. Maybe later, but not now when we're all losing our heads.

It's kind of funny actually, I'm doing all of this research yet I have seen no hint of Slender Man, does he not want to target me for some reason? Was he really just a hallucination after all? What is keeping him from hunting me? What makes Steph so special? What makes her mother so special? Now that I think about it, from Steph's description it seemed to be her mother he was attacking.

Could it be that her mother knew about him before the both of us?

I'm debating whether I should do more research. But for now, I must thank the man who provided me this garden of information. Perhaps even get in touch with some other victims. See what they say. And read up on past blogs while I'm at it. Learn from the mistakes of others.

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