Friday, January 28, 2011

Success! (Dream Journal #5)

I've done it!

My first lucid dream!

Even if it wasn't really for that long and I still kind of jumped around!

I've done it!

Heeeeelll yes!

As you can tell, I forgot to shade in my excitement. But who the hell cares!



I should really stop now.

...Yeah, I should really tell you guys (and by "you guys", I mean Rebecca) about the dream....

I was back at the bridge, but much to my disappointment the girl wasn't there. In her place sat a dog, a golden retriever to be exact. He was so cute, wagging his fluffy tail, smiling at me. Suddenly for some reason I checked the time (did I ever mention I'm a time fanatic? I always need to check my watch), and I was like, you know, it's cool. Didn't really think anything of it. Then I was like, "wait", and checked the time again. The numbers were so screwed up I almost panicked and woke up, until I remembered the number one rule of lucid dreaming is to not panic. So I calmed myself down, told myself it was only a dream, so of course crazy stuff's gonna happen. The golden retriever was still there even after all that, it would not go away. It just stood there, doing that head tilt thing. I tried walking away, but always felt compelled to come back to it. Even when lucid dreaming I don't have full control over my dreams. Hmmm....

So eventually I gave in, and asked the dog what the heck it wanted, and it just took off. I had to chase after it, with a couple of dream shortcuts here and there (actually, I have no idea how to use those, plus I got lost once or twice, that weird dog always managed to find me, how does that happen?). He lead me away from the bridge, down this long, windy path (Rebecca, please don't make any Beatles references). Eventually we reached this weird black door (the one pictured in the above picture, only it's black) with a small sapling next to it. The dog stopped next to it, and began waiting. Naturally I thought he wanted me to open the door, but before I could do bloody ANYTHING this freakin' basketball came out of nowhere and hit me in the back of the knee. Excuse me for my French, but WHAT THE FUCK?

Thanks for the wake up call I didn't need :|

Mom's relaxing at the moment, I convinced her to watch TV. She's currently watching the cook for the British queen make some weird chocolate/nuts thing. Yeah...weird. But at least she's happy, and that's all that matters. We also got our taxes back :D


I'm so happy.

Reading some New York Times :3 It feels good to be a yankee.

Tomorrow, I may go to the park, not too sure at the moment...

I'll think about it once I'm done with this here paper. Because the news is the most important thing ever and you better believe it :P (No, not really)


  1. New York Times? I'm jealous.

    Congratulations to say the least. Though, I'm sorry to say this but I'm glad that girl wasn't there. As you already know, I really don't think you should be talking to her. Not yet anyways. To see a dog in your dream suggests your strong values and good intentions will get you forward in life, but to be guided by that dog suggests that you're having difficulties navigating out of a situation or problem (most likely your mother's predicament). The windy path suggests you need to take serious attention to the direction you are taking (I bid you good luck). Something is blocking your progress, as signified by the closed door. And that sapling looks like an Ash tree sapling. It does have the leaves. Is that how it really looked in the dream? If it is, then it represents stability, protection, unity and solidarity. Someone is offering you these things, but the question is who?

    That basketball means you need to make the first move.

    Sounds like some sort of chess game to me.

    Is it just me? Or does that door look like two of diamonds?

    Then again, two of diamonds are red.

  2. Heck if I know. I'm just lucky I have someone who can interpret this stuff for me :|

    And chess? Poker? Where the heck do you get this stuff from? That's just what the door looked like, I'm not about to go into some stupid poker metaphors, and neither should you :P

    And hell yes I have New York times! You're not gonna get it either. Nyah!