Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dream Journal #7

The child looked at the two strangers. Neither did it smile, or cry. The strangers intrigued her. Were they her 'mama'? One of them smiled at her. Was she 'mama'? Where was mama? Mama? MAMA?

"Oh great, now you're scaring her Charon!"

"Oh, don't worry, shes still not used to us yet. Who's the cute little baby~ You are~ Yes you are!"


"Give me her Charon!"

"Oh why?!"

"Give. Her. To. Me."

Before she knew it the child was whisked away into the arms of another.


The stranger did not seem to understand the child. But instead looked at her in disgust. "What are we supposed to do with this thing, now that we've got it?"

"I vouche we raise her as our own until the Master comes for her. How about we call her...Sarah! Do you like that name dear?" she asked the baby.




"Aww, she likes it~ Look!" she pointed at the baby's struggling expression. Timothy pursed his lips. "Indeed. Wonder what my idiot brother would've named her. Probably something stupid like Penelope. Did I tell you about that girl he dated? Penelope? Got her pregnant he did, the retarded fool. And now he's gone and impregnated a poor mad woman. Poor soul."

"Yes, she is a poor dear, isn't she. I wonder how she's doing with him. I heard his bite is louder than his bark."

"I call bullshit on that one." said Timothy, rolling his eyes.

Charon went into the kitchen to make some oatmeal to feed the baby, while Timothy engaged himself in a staring contest of the sorts.


"Once this entire ordeal is over with, you'll be soon meeting your REAL Father." 


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