Monday, April 4, 2011

Seems Like I Got A Lead...I Guess

Really, it's not much of a lead, but it's something.

Me and Rebecca talked over the phone a couple hours ago for a while, and came up with some "clues", I guess you can call them in Red Cross's post.

Take a gander. Ya know the message that was left for Rebecca after Jeremy's death. Well, looks as if Jeremy's not as useless of a guy as I thought he was. (By the way Rebecca, it's only a joke, don't take it seriously)

Little lamb did not even notice that he left. When her mother became agitated, it confused her. Brother was only playing hide and seek. She knew she would find him soon. And she could not tell mother how it came to pass. How men in blue came knocking on her door. How mother's face turns red.


As mother will soon be once more.

Poor Joshua now fears the dogs.

 The message said to "Follow the trail of blood". Now, this can be taken two ways...One; I could take the message literally and try to piece together the recent deaths. This would work wonders if I was a detective investigating a murder case, but I'm pretty sure I don't need no second guesses on who the murderer is now do I?

Anyhow, second; It can be referring to the color red that is found in Cross's posts. (Can I just call you Cross, typing Red Cross as separate words all the time can be tiresome, and I'm pretty tired right now as it is) know, blood is red and all.

So, "Dogs". Seems insignificant right? Maybe, but just hold on for a bit, things will start to make sense. Or at least, it made sense to me. Hehe.

It was meant to be a normal sleepover. But they were curious. They heard dark tales of the secrets that lie within their temples, and the temples of the opposite being. From their friends, from TV, their family and friends...

....The internet?

Naughty, naughty, little lamb.

It was only meant to be a sleepover. Nothing more. Nothing less. Did it make her feel better knowing that she cast blame on her friend. Did she enjoy watching her get punished?

Naughty, naughty, little lamb.

I now cast you to the second circle.

Is it not sad, Black Sheep, that you have such a naughty friend?

You know...I'm not entirely happy reposting this crap. Just throwing that out there.

But if you notice, the word "family" is in red, along with other letters. Yeah, I having got a clue on the latter, but "family" and "dogs" mixed together? Obviously somebody in my family owns a dog. And I do know a couple.
Children should not forge a parent's signature. She knew this was true, but she was so afraid. She never failed before. Not ever, in her God forsaken life. Failure was her greatest fear. But either way she was going to fail.

Failure through disobedience?

Or failure through procrastination?

Both are such horrible failures, that she couldn't choose. So she forged her mother's signature, and poor mummy never knew of the black zot in her little lamb's wool.

Does little lamb truly deserve survival?

Little Lamb, you shall be sentenced to the fifth and eighth circles.

More letters in red, and a single words. Not even gonna bother with the letters at the moment, so let's focused on the grouped words shall we?


Do my parents have a dog? Noooooooo....I don't think so. In case you guys DIDN'T KNOW ALREADY, my little brother, Josh (just so you know, he is my brother), is TERRIFIED of dogs.

Glad I cleared that up.

As for the "Failure" in gray. Well, obviously that's a stab at my pride. OH LOOK I'M BLEEDING. God damn it all. Who the hell gets a right to announcing people's fears like that. Not that I'm some ass kissing, sucker-up who's only looking for acceptance by her peers. Most certainly not.





Since my parents don't and never will own a dog (we're a freakin' cat family for Christ's sake), I can only assume it's owned by my grandparents. And it's not just any dog, it's a dog that scares the living shit out of my brother. If Cross is as generous as he pulls himself off to be, it seems to me like I can find some answers over there, because my aunt and uncle honestly haven't got a fucking clue as to what in the nine circles of hell is going on.

But before I return to the great wide road, I'm going to hunt this guy who keeps stalking me down and get some answers out of him.

Either way, expect me to drop by for a visit Rebecca, but just know I can't stay long. Tell Hannah and Zach I said hi.

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