Friday, April 1, 2011

Hypothical Situations

Say that there is a heater, a doll, a can full of worms, and a Bible all in the same room...

The doll is our dear little lamb.

The heater is little lamb's dreams.

The worms are mummy's subconcious.

And the Bible is little lamb's friends.

A little girl comes in and takes the doll out to play with the sprinklers at the park. Say that the sprinklers are her...hmm...situation. The doll gets wet. Upset, the girl takes it home to let it dry by the heater. Hours later, a cup is sitting on the heater, and the girl is practicing her dance steps. Accidently, she knocks over the cup of water, and the heater accidently gets soaked. Oh, the sparks, the rising flames. Such a stupid girl, agreed? In the heat of the moment, the girl grabs the Bible. Uses it to fan off the flames.

But the flames grew larger.

Soon the worms inside the can die, all that is left is ashes.

Who is the little girl?


  1. "an old friend


    Who are you?

    What happened to my friend?

    What happened to Stephanie?!

  2. Well look at what we have here!

    Black Sheep, dear, why I thought you'd never come! Welcome! Welcome to the party!

    You may call me Red Cross. I am an associate of someone who I believe owes you their acquaintance. An...underling, if you will.

    But we are all equal, are we not?

    I see you've already got yourself started on decoding my little riddle. You think you're so clever do you?

    I'd be surely disappointed if you of all people don't get it. Actually, I'm quite disappointed already.

    Are things too hard for your delinquent brain my dear?

  3. I'm trying to decode this anagram...

    I happen to be quite well on my own, thank you.

  4. Take your time darling.

    I've got some blackmail to unleash. Oh, I'm sure you'll love this one.