Friday, April 1, 2011

Go to sleep, dear, sweet Stephanie.

For Master is watching over you.

Don't be afraid.

For Master.




Is watching, over you.

And we are too, little lamb.

Remember when mummy sang to you? Remember your mummy's voice? Oh? Your mummy's all gone? Been abandoned by God, already? At this age?

Poor dear. Well I suppose I could entertain you until you gather up the guts like a real young lady. You've been terribly sloppy this past month. But I must commend you for making it this far. Seems like my partner was right about you after all. Too bad you've lost all that stubbornness when you needed it the most.

Let's build up that spunk, girl. Today is a very special day, a day where your fears are revealed to the world, bit by bit.

Successfully beat the game, and you'll get to see mummy as a prize.

April Fools, little lamb. Now the fun begins at last.

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