Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Journal

Hello everyone. It's Rebecca....Sorry about being inactive for a while...

I've been busy. Lately. And, I've been a bit scared. Steph's been mad at me, I think she still is. Especially now that I told her I went back to the apartment. It's a stupid move, I know. But nothing happen. No Slenderman. No strange noises in the night. Not even a Proxy. Nothing. But I was frightened. I cannot simply lie about that, not after Trickortreat.....

Oh gosh.

It was so long ago. I...I was so dumb. I couldn't...

I'm going to try to make it up to everyone somehow. I'm going to try and become extra helpful. I'm going to be brave, to be optimistic. To not complain. I'm going to try...

I just don't know how well I can do it. I'm doing the best I can. I at least managed to find something at the apartment that Steph missed. That's a start right? I think it's important, it looks important enough. It's a journal. One of those journals I keep hearing about. Journals that those who become Hallowed write. I never thought I would find any of these things.

Here's some of the pages, and what me and Steph think they mean. We've spent all night looking through them at Steph's house.

A large list of numbers, all written as if it were a list. Both me and Steph think the same, that these numbers were forced to be written down. Eventually, it seems that Mrs. Nord got tired of writing, and started scribbling carelessly as the bottom numbers are so hard to read. Steph wouldn't even bother. A lot of numbers repeated themselves so I tried running through some programs to see if there's a pattern. But Steph, being the Earth Science geek she used to be, pointed out that they were coordinates. Specifically coordinates set in New York. Now that I think about it, coordinates with these numbers was on the Earth Science exam just last year. We looked some of them up on Google Maps, and we did get some results. All of them in different cities too. But we have no idea what they could mean, or where they lead. Steph doesn't really want to go and find out either. I can't say I can blame her...

Still, this could be a lead. So we're going to try to figure something out.

Steph recognized this right away. Or at least, the first few words. It's from the musical Annie, and the song "It's a Hard Knock Life".

But why though?

Merely numbers. Steph insists that it's a code. I'm attempting to figure it out right now. I have a couple of plausible words so far, but I'm going to wait until I go through it all to see if I get enough to post or not. Some of the handwriting is messy, and hard to read. But the smile in the corner is...a bit disturbing. To say the least. It looks so much like a sad smile....I think this is the point where Mrs. Nord returns to drawing...

Steph and I both agree that this could be her mother and Hannah. With Steph's mother's face crossed out. I wonder why she would cross her face out like that though...

I assume this is a reference to Slenderman right here, represented by a tree. Steph pointed out the people in there before I could spot them. So it may be some sort of commentary on those who flock to him? Steph says I look into things too much. "The point of the matter is my mom is insane". It's particularly obvious that she is...I just wish to know what she's thinking through all of this. And this may be our only chance to figure it out.

This was on the front. I'm not sure what it is. But it looks awfully similar to psychedelic artwork. Particularly the kind they use in therapy. My thoughts are either Steph's mother's was hallucinating, or they gave her drugs and made her draw this, or this drawing isn't hers. Steph seems to think they put her mother on some sort of drugs. I'm not sure what to think.

Well that's it. I think there are some pages that are missing, since it seems like there were pages that were ripped out. But whatever they are, they are gone now. I really want to look into these more today, but Steph wants me to watch Doctor Who with her...and have some girl talk. Which seems silly coming from her. Usually I'm the one who suggests such things. It's funny how the table keeps turning. Steph has changed so much within the past month or two. I remember when she was still so shy and not confident... What happened? Or maybe...was she really shy at all?

I should really be asking these sort of questions. But sometimes I can't help but wonder. I just can't help myself. I always wanted to be what Steph calls a "shrink". I have plans on going to Buffalo State and everything. No idea where Steph plans to go, or if she's going anywhere. She just talked to me about the Marines, and how it would be good for her in terms of survival. I read some of the comments. I suppose I have to agree with Steph, but I agree with Locked On as well. What if it does make him easier to catch Steph? What would happen then?

Either way, I wish Steph luck on whatever she does. We're still going to be friends no matter least...that's what I like to think.

I hope we continue to be friends.

Mr. Nord's calling me. The Nord family is currently coloring eggs right now, and little Hannah wants me to do one.

I'll see you all, I suppose.

Tomorrow is Steph's birthday. I brought a book she may like. Or not.

I'm going to try to make tomorrow wonderful for her.

I just want her to be happy.


  1. Oh somebody....

    Just so you guys know, I'm not mad at Rebecca in ANY WAY.

    Even though she cracked my egg (you bitch).

    And won't let me in on the discussion she's currently having with my dad.



    Most of stuff here is pretty accurate btw, except for a few misconceptions here and there. But it's alright. I love you anyways <333

    (I'm serious)

    (really I do)

    (Just stop trying so hard to make me happy dammit. I'm always happy when you're here with me instead of risking you're life inside an abandoned apartment :3)

    (But seriously, DON'T DO IT AGAIN.)

    PS. Never do what I do kids. Just a word of advice.

  2. Need some company while you wait, my dear?

    +Red Cross+

  3. Shuddap Red Cross nobody likes you ;______;

  4. ~shrugs~

    We shall be together soon enough.

    You did went to church yesterday right? ^_^

    +Red Cross+

  5. ...

    Can somebody who's not a Proxy talk to me? :| Please?