Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Watch out Stalker Dude.

I got my uncle's gun.

Yeah, someone recommended I brought a shot gun with me. I don't really think it's necessary, but I guess I'll bring it just in case. Can't hurt right? Although just holding this thing makes me feel like I'm some sort of crazy person in a creepy ass hotel, only it's a gun and not an axe. But compared to the hunting gun, an axe is way to heavy. For me, at least (I have no upper body strength, see?)

The plan is shot down the guys legs, and then hopefully hold him at knifepoint. I'm a decent runner no thanks to my dad having me run all the time like I was at bootcamp. Military parents. They will never stop bothering you about stuff like that. I'm just worried about whether or not I can pull this off, though. Really, in all seriousness the only gun I've ever fired is a super soaker and those gun things at Lazertron. For the record, I sucked at Lazertron. Bad targeting skills = bad. Hell, I might not even use this thing at all. But on the other hand....

Hey, does being an artist give you good hand-eye coordination?

Heh. Yeah. Right.

Wish me luck guys.

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  1. Oh well good luck, and be careful about the recoil. Make sure the gun doesn't jump from your hands or hit you in the face. That would be bad.

    Forever Watchful~ Tikka