Friday, April 1, 2011

Rebecca isn't the only friend abandoned by our little lamb

Remember Starrie, Black Sheep?

Oh yes, I have forgotten, you don't even know about her.

So sad. Should I banish her to the ninth circle?


  1. Alright you. This needs to stop. Right now. You aren't fooling anybody. I find it highly unlikely that you know this much about my friend. Especially since some of this stuff I knew already. Except for perhaps the sexual experimentation and Starrie. But why should it matter? It's pretty well known that Steph isn't a good person. But there's a part of her I know that you, nor your partner will ever understand.

    I figured out your riddle. "At the swings."

    You're being oddly generous for a proxy. It almost seems like you really want us to know what we're dealing with. This is Trickortreat isn't it? If so, well played.

  2. No Black Sheep. We've already discussed this.

    I am called Red Cross. Trickytreat is my partner.

    In any case, my dear. My time is running out. So I shall take my leave for now. But the blackmail shall stay. Little Lamb needs to remember her past.

    In her past, are directions for the future.

    And with that. I bid you adieu.