Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nightmare on Walter Street

Alright, first of all. Enough with the cryptic shit. It's old. It confuses me. I haven't even read the Bible since forever. Just stop.

Yes, I did actually learned something from Art History.

Yes, I know about the damn triangles.

What the hell is with this hangman bullshit?

Seriously though, why can't people just talk straight anymore? God damn it people, some of us aren't exactly geniuses.

Anyways, now that's out of the way, I changed my password. So hopefully that's the end of that.

But yeah, guys I'm back. In Buffalo. It was raining earlier but at least it ain't snowing anymore. Took God long enough. I suppose I'm glad I'm back here. Maine was great and all, but it was way too cold for my tastes, and the people were generally odd, to say the least. I've heard word of what I assume to be Stalker Dude before I left. Apparently they found a body in the river, some guy jumped from a bridge perhaps. I'm willing to bet it was Stalker Dude, but I left the town and state before they started doing DNA testing. I almost feel sorry for the guy. His speech skills weren't all that great, yes. He was creepy, most definitely. But when you really think about it, you realize that these guys probably were once normal people, with family of their own, some of them maybe even had wives and kids. You can't help but feel sympathy for some of the crazed ones. Rest in peace Stalker Dude.

As for all the folks who willingly work for Cabadath's evil twin, you all can rest in bloody pieces.

So...on to the important stuff.

I did manage to visit Walter Street, it's just past Babcock, off Seneca. My mom pointed it out once, I think, when we were driving home. She told me we used to stay there. Unfortunately it was boarded up when I got there. And it seemed like it was like that for about a year, or more. Not that I'm an expert on such things. They even spray painted an arrow on it. That's nice of them. You know what I like about arrows? They are always extremely helpful. Whether you want to use one as a weapon or you're just plain lost you can always count on arrows to dig you out of a tight spot. But arrows spray painted on abandoned houses? I don't know, I was kind of wary at first.

Following the arrows around the back, I found that one of the windows on the top floor seemed to have been broken into. I fucking got blisters trying to get up there. Plus there were a whole bunch of trees in the back...I'm talking about an under appreciated building. The sort of building that you wouldn't want your kids playing around. Obviously nobody was living in the place, but it irked me still. The entire interior reminded me of the house me, Frank and his friend broke into during our Sophomore year. Yeah, we were dumb as hell. When I got up close, I could see there was that stupid Hebrew symbol spray painted over it. Whatever the hell it was. But it seemed that this was meant for me, so I winged it and went inside. If I met anyone inside, I was going to freakin' jump out of the window. And maybe break a few bones in the process.....never mind. What was I thinking? I think last time I went into an abandoned house, someone or something was already in there. Frank's friend claimed in a spirit, but I sure as hell didn't see a thing, so I couldn't tell for sure. All I knew was that I had a chill go down my spine. Surprisingly enough, much like that abandoned house, I found some leftover things in this house as well. I couldn't tell whether or not they were from my past for sure. Most of the stuff was nameless junk. Although one room did have the likeness of an old nursery. Even the wallpaper was cutesy. I barely even touched it and it started peeling off. Still, for the most part. It was empty. As I searched around the house I discovered, much to my dismay, that I was stuck on the second floor. Something was blocking me from the other side of the doorway. Every few minutes I would return to it to try anything I could to pry it open, but it just wouldn't budge. Ultimately the dark took over and my resolution grew dim. I had no choice but to sleep. There was no internet around that area, and my DS's battery ran out so that was pretty much my only option until morning came. It's not like anyone would've fucking jumped on me in an abandoned house. I'm pretty sure nobody even knows I'm here except some weird old guy who was eying me. God damn old people.


I hate that meme, but it does have a point. Noises are fucking night. Not in the daytime mind you, I couldn't care less if the trees were rustling and I thought I saw a rat scamper away from me in the daytime. But holy shit. It wasn't just the trees either. He was fucking outside the entire time. Whenever I had to go to the bathroom that night, I stood up, walked around searching for some random corner to take a piss on.

There was no bloody toilet as far as I could tell. Or maybe I was just too lazy to find one.


Like I said before; FUCKING NOISES IN THE NIGHT. I managed to look outside the window, at the batch of trees down below. One of the trees looked like it moved, which was weird because it wasn't windy at the time. And when I saw that it HAD A HEAD.

I promised myself I would never sleep in that house again, but I did anyways.

WELL, it did have a rather comfy floor.

I have this vague memory of throwing up on it too, no idea what happened there. I think I may be a bit more afraid of heights than what I give myself credit for. Fact of the matter is, I slept as far away from the window as possible that entire night. A few minutes after my last waste removal for the night, I heard more sounds coming from the window. While at first I planned on disregarding them, and getting my butt to sleep, but there was something oddly rhythmic about the "noise". It sounded almost like drums just like that...dream. OH GOD THAT DREAM.

What happened after that, I cannot tell anyone even if I tried. I doubt even God would know. But I do remember this weird dream.

I was standing at the edge of the doorway I was sleeping by. Everything around me looked different, the wallpaper was still peeling, but it was now strangely intact. Actual furniture was lined up against the walls, including two awfully familiar black couches, an ironing board, a changing table, a small television with an ancient antennae that looked like it came out of the eighties, and a large evergreen tree. Obviously it was Christmas time, and in the complete darkness that tree looked like the brightest light of them all. Yet, it was quite eerie. Just a little bit. I won't lie, something about that tree irked me. One of the rooms, which I assumed were my parents, was also lit. God knows what they were doing in there, but I did here voices coming from the door. But it's not like I could hear what they were saying, and it's not like I got to have a looksee either. Standing in plain sight, was a white crib, which at first glance looked as if it were unoccupied. Upon closer inspection, there was a two year old little girl in there, sleeping soundly. Yes, that little girl was me. I never noticed how red my hair used to be, or how straight it looked. I used to hate my straight hair, but now. Now I sort of lucid. Funnily enough I managed to be half-lucid during the entire dream. Except I heard that damn drumming noise. Even in my dreams I can't escape from it. Only, it was louder, scary louder....

He was there too...

He was at the window...

And he came in.

Walked towards my direction.

I kept screaming at my body.

I was stuck in a trance, no longer lucid, no longer in control.

I became my two-year-old self.

HE was looming over me.

Sarah was laughing, that bitch.

How dare Sarah laugh.

He fucking took me as she laugh.

I couldn't even cry.

And next thing I know I'm attending my own funeral. Make of this what you will, but I...

Never mind. It's just a dream, that was three days ago. HE WAS NEVER THERE WHEN YOU WERE TWO. Get a hold of yourself Steph. He wasn't there when you were four, he never took your brother, and...

It's alright...

It's okay...

He's not there...

You're safe...Am I?

...Thank God. I don't think he was watching me this time. I hope things stay that way. It was bad enough that I saw him during that weird loop on the way to Maine. And now he's haunting my dreams?! Yeah, thanks, but no thanks. I've always been frightened by things who resemble a human with something so disturbingly off about them that you don't think you can mention it in public. Either these guys or trolling me. Or this guy has a serious interest in me. I just don't understand...any of this crap. Apparently people say he comes back after people who escape him when they were a child, but he targeted my mother first. I think this is the first time he's ever shown complete interest in me. Unless he moved me that one time. I'm...

I'm trying to find out all I can. There's just too much information at once.

Like these for example:

I found these pictures downstairs in the abandoned house, an entire of trying to bust it open, and the next day it opens without a problem. Downstairs was some old furniture, and a buttload of empty space. And in the middle of it all was what seemed to be a freshly dug hole, with more arrows pointing to it, and something in Hebrew. Didn't even bother with that shit. Inside the hole, along with these pictures was some old records dating from 1994 and 1995, a birth certificate that was missing since forever, and some cryptic note, "show the father and he will tell". So I guess this means I have to talk to dear old dad right? What some kind of family closure? What the hell is the use? I'm obviously not going to find my mother like this.

I'm really tempted to just quit if it's going to keep going on like this. At least give me proof she's not dead you fuckers. I don't really feel like continuing your games if all people are going to do is die. Give me some fucking proof.

I was fucking coming home anyways, so I should be dropping by for a visit, and staying until I take my fucking AP exams, and bomb them like they bombed the Germans.

Freaking wish me luck. It's not like I wasted an entire month chasing my own tail.


  1. We've got much to talk about when you get home Steph. About these dreams, everything. I suggest you show your father those papers, they might be important to him. And since Proxies seem to have at least some hint of honesty in their words, I would trust that note in the fact that if anything, Mr. Nord would be a source of great help, and I think you two should talk face to face about your past.

    In the mean time, I think you should look through some of your posts. One of the dream journals mentions Sarah, particularly the newest one.

    Keeping holding on, love. <3
    And hurry up and stop by!