Monday, April 4, 2011

Jeremy's Dead

Steph, you may not care about this, but it doesn't matter. Jeremy deserves at least some form of remembrance, if only because he actually cared enough to ask about you every day. And no, he wasn't joking about it either. He cared about you, he truly cared. Remember when he tried playing matchmaker with you? First he matched you up with Frank, and then Leon. Remember, Steph? You know, I think he actually wanted you to be happy. He actually wanted you to have a boyfriend, and go on dates, just like every other normal teenager. In fact...I think he wanted to date you too.

Red Cross...

He may not be the best person to invite to your house for a get-together, in fact he may as well be sick, twisted, evil even... But his "joke" may have a point to them. I know your going to be mad but...

What I'm saying is...

Maybe you should have trusted him. Or give him a chance at least. Haven't you noticed that this Trickortreat person might be making a point as to sacrifice the friends that care about us? Leon? Leon cared...he's out there now, running for his life, and Steph I think he might be worried about you. Maybe even more so than his girlfriend. Frank? Frank tried to save us, the both of us.

And now Jeremy...

I, I should perhaps just tell you what they told me. It''s pretty bad Steph. Like, it's really, REALLY bad. And you'll never guess at what day it occurred on. He killed him on April Fools, April Fools. All he really was, was the class clown right? Remember the time when he and Alejandro pretended they were Phil Collins during lunch? They came to our table and sang to us a duet of "You'll Be In Our Heart". It was annoying at the time, I cannot deny that, but there was something strangely sweet about it. And you know what else. I haven't thought about it until now, but what if Leon felt the same way?...

I'm just rambling on about nothing am I?

Sorry...I just can't believe he's gone...the lunch table you and I used to sit at felt quiet without an annoying rat tailed guy inches away from your neck, looking over your head.

As I said, it was terrible, you won't believe the rumors going around about him. They say his jaw was ripped completely out of his skull and wedged into his left arm. There was also several scars inside his lungs, and some internal bleeding. Others say that his lungs were what was ripped out of his body, and his jaw was turned upside down. Honestly, I don't know what to believe. But the principal called me down during dance class and gave a note. It had the following words on it:

"Follow the trail of blood."

Underneath that was a url for youtube and the same symbol I saw at the park.

It looks like a Hebrew letter now that I thank about it. If I can find what it is, maybe it'll give me some sort of hidden meaning. The principal managed to catch me off guard when I received it by asking why he would specifically address to me a letter like that. It's as if he thinks I am responsible for his death. Thankfully no one else knows about his letter, save the police. Now I'm sitting here dreading the sound of a door knock. Just a few minutes ago Trickortreat sent me another Email, with this picture attached to it. Although I'm not to sure what to make of this, it looks like Jeremy's art style. And you're in it Steph.

I'm looking over Red Cross's clues now, but I can't help thinking about the nature of Jeremy's death. People here act like it's just something to gossip over instead of mourning like they should. Maybe they just think it's a prank, but I refuse to believe that.

I'm so worried. I don't know what to do. Should I continue to warn them even though they may think me insane?

What should I do?

Jeremy.....I'm so sorry, we should've trusted you more...


  1. Look. I can honestly say that I won't miss him as much as you will. I never liked him like you did. Don't lie, you liked him didn't you. Fucking hell...

    Okay, fine, listen.

    Call me, and we'll talk over the phone. If you think that this is so much of a big deal that you have to blog about it we should at least discuss it together.

    And don't worry about the other folks at school. They'll be fine.

    I've noticed some sort of pattern as well, remember Red Cross's allegory?

    Somebody's out for revenge, and we're going to figure out who, and then fuck their shit up. First person on my list is that stalker guy. If anyone's going to know what the hell's going on. It's him.

    I just hope I don't run into Slender Man and faint....