Monday, May 23, 2011

The Rat

Admit it.

You dislike the sight of Rats.

Whether in the house, on the streets, or in the sewers.

Rats are naturally disliked creatures?


Well, what's to like about them. They are disgusting, Disease carrying creatures, which are found in the most disgusting places. It is only natural to Fear them. Who doesn't fear the infestation of Disease. Especially if that Disease hides behind every wall, under every floorboard.

Historically, Rats have always been a bother to humanity. The most well known origin of the human fear of them, is the Black Death. According to textbooks, the Black Plague spread with the help of this vile Rodents, who stowed away upon trade ships. With hardly anything to defend themselves, the people of the Dark Ages quickly fell prey to this seemingly unstoppable Disease. Horrifying artwork cropped up.

Of Death.

 And Horror.

And all because of some Rats, and some species of Insects.

Rats amongst other things, continue to be the cause of many Diseases.

They are among us now.

They can be you.

They can be me.

They can me.

They can even be your neighbor.

And they all wear the guise of a Mouse.

Beware the Rat who appears as a Mouse.

For with Disease, Death surely shall follow.
And the Reaper will come to collect your Soul.

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