Monday, May 16, 2011

Edward Lorenz is known for delevoloping the Theory, "The Butterfly Effect"

Even though the concept had appeared once before, in the book "The Sound of Thunder".

"The Sound of Thunder" describes the journey of a hunter named Eckels back in time, to kill the almighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. He was told not to disturb anything in the past or else he would change the future.

The encounter with the King of Dinosaurs was chaotic. He almost hadn't made it back to the present. But when he did everything had changed.

But why?

He didn't do anything wrong. Did he?

Alas the encounter with the King was chaotic. His boot had gotten stuck in the mud as he stumbled off the path they were meant to take. Such a mistake can have dire consequences, can it?

Underneath that muddy boot.

My friends.

Was a crushed Butterfly.

According to the Chaos Theory, a slight flutter of a Butterfly's wing could be the cause of a violent Typhoon weeks later.

In "The Sound of Thunder" a crushed Butterfly rewrote the future.

I am that Butterfly.


  1. This isn't working.

    Don't worry Steph I'm going to find you.

    We're going to get through this, you'll see.

  2. Would it be bad to say that I have a bad feeling about this?