Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Exception

As I have already noted, the key difference between a Spider and a Bat is the cold, hard fact that a Bat is Blind whilst a Spider Sees all.

Thus, I believe we should attempt to befriend the Spider.

Yes, I am aware that they have attempted to Devour our Brothers and Sister beforehand.

Yes, the are indeed not to be trusted. Spiders never are.

But like Grandmother Spider, the Spiders dressed in Black are far more capable of compassion then their Bat companions. Indeed the Spiders are capable of saving those who will Drown, and spin Charlotte's Web of Dreams instead of Lies.

With this Web, we can be Saved.

The CPS have become the Spiders of Dreams, how about the FBI?

Consider it a possibility. One who Sees almost as much as the Eagle is a considerable Ally indeed.

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