Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bat

Both Bats AND Spiders, interestingly enough, are associated with the Vampire, Bats perhaps more so. The main difference between the Spider and the Bat is simply their Eyes.

See the Bat and it's Blind Eyes.

See how different it is from the Eight Eyes of the Spider.

The Spider Sees All.

The Bat Sees Nothing.

That is how you know the difference. But both are equally frightening. And both will equally suck away at your Life force. Both Fear the Fire.

The Bat is nocturnal.

It relies on the Night for guidance. For Food.

It Worships the Night. It only Knows the Night.

Never will a Bat fly in Daylight.

It Fears the Sun.

It Fears the Fire.

But if you ever enter their domain, the Cave. Beware. They will not hesitate in their attack. Do not be yolked with them. For a Bat's bite is lethal, and you will become one of them and lose your Sight. Do not listen to the Words of a Blind Fool, for their Words are woven from the Spider's Web. They speak only Lies and the Teachings of their God, the Night.

Beware the Bat for it is a Child of the Night.

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