Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Bird

I will not cover much of the information concerning this Enemy, mainly because I don't feel the need to. Some of you know enough about the Enemy while the Others should Not Learn [The Curse of the Worms] of it at all (this was my Moth's first mistake).

I refuse to.

But let me share with you all a Story. It is the least I can do since most of you seem to have nothing better to do but threaten eachother's Life.

Once upon a Time there was an Eagle. It was the largest Eagle in the world. But it had a Hunger, a Hunger for Worms. Legend had it that it would come away at Night and snatch away Worms.

It's Rival was the Hawk.

The Hawk said it could reach the Heavens; The Eagle said it could reach the Heavens.

The Eagle asked, "What is your Sign?"

The Hawk replied, "kei".

Then the Hawk asked, "What is your Sign?"

The Eagle replied, "kÑ«ioiâ��hokYªý§� i1×� M".

These were their Words.

They then flew and approached the Heavens. The Winds and the Clouds came. The Hawk cried out "kei" and descended. It could go no further on account of the Winds and the Clouds, but the Eagle disappeared into the Clouds.

Even though I am but a Butterfly, with Weak and Fragile Wings. I intend to learn the Secrets of the Eagle, and fly into the Clouds after it, unlike its Rival, the Hawk.

I will do this and end the Curse of the Worms.


  1. How the hell do you intend to do that?


  2. The answer lies in the Dreams.