Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Exception

As I have already noted, the key difference between a Spider and a Bat is the cold, hard fact that a Bat is Blind whilst a Spider Sees all.

Thus, I believe we should attempt to befriend the Spider.

Yes, I am aware that they have attempted to Devour our Brothers and Sister beforehand.

Yes, the are indeed not to be trusted. Spiders never are.

But like Grandmother Spider, the Spiders dressed in Black are far more capable of compassion then their Bat companions. Indeed the Spiders are capable of saving those who will Drown, and spin Charlotte's Web of Dreams instead of Lies.

With this Web, we can be Saved.

The CPS have become the Spiders of Dreams, how about the FBI?

Consider it a possibility. One who Sees almost as much as the Eagle is a considerable Ally indeed.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Bird

I will not cover much of the information concerning this Enemy, mainly because I don't feel the need to. Some of you know enough about the Enemy while the Others should Not Learn [The Curse of the Worms] of it at all (this was my Moth's first mistake).

I refuse to.

But let me share with you all a Story. It is the least I can do since most of you seem to have nothing better to do but threaten eachother's Life.

Once upon a Time there was an Eagle. It was the largest Eagle in the world. But it had a Hunger, a Hunger for Worms. Legend had it that it would come away at Night and snatch away Worms.

It's Rival was the Hawk.

The Hawk said it could reach the Heavens; The Eagle said it could reach the Heavens.

The Eagle asked, "What is your Sign?"

The Hawk replied, "kei".

Then the Hawk asked, "What is your Sign?"

The Eagle replied, "kÑ«ioiâ��hokYªý§� i1×� M".

These were their Words.

They then flew and approached the Heavens. The Winds and the Clouds came. The Hawk cried out "kei" and descended. It could go no further on account of the Winds and the Clouds, but the Eagle disappeared into the Clouds.

Even though I am but a Butterfly, with Weak and Fragile Wings. I intend to learn the Secrets of the Eagle, and fly into the Clouds after it, unlike its Rival, the Hawk.

I will do this and end the Curse of the Worms.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Bat

Both Bats AND Spiders, interestingly enough, are associated with the Vampire, Bats perhaps more so. The main difference between the Spider and the Bat is simply their Eyes.

See the Bat and it's Blind Eyes.

See how different it is from the Eight Eyes of the Spider.

The Spider Sees All.

The Bat Sees Nothing.

That is how you know the difference. But both are equally frightening. And both will equally suck away at your Life force. Both Fear the Fire.

The Bat is nocturnal.

It relies on the Night for guidance. For Food.

It Worships the Night. It only Knows the Night.

Never will a Bat fly in Daylight.

It Fears the Sun.

It Fears the Fire.

But if you ever enter their domain, the Cave. Beware. They will not hesitate in their attack. Do not be yolked with them. For a Bat's bite is lethal, and you will become one of them and lose your Sight. Do not listen to the Words of a Blind Fool, for their Words are woven from the Spider's Web. They speak only Lies and the Teachings of their God, the Night.

Beware the Bat for it is a Child of the Night.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Rat

Admit it.

You dislike the sight of Rats.

Whether in the house, on the streets, or in the sewers.

Rats are naturally disliked creatures?


Well, what's to like about them. They are disgusting, Disease carrying creatures, which are found in the most disgusting places. It is only natural to Fear them. Who doesn't fear the infestation of Disease. Especially if that Disease hides behind every wall, under every floorboard.

Historically, Rats have always been a bother to humanity. The most well known origin of the human fear of them, is the Black Death. According to textbooks, the Black Plague spread with the help of this vile Rodents, who stowed away upon trade ships. With hardly anything to defend themselves, the people of the Dark Ages quickly fell prey to this seemingly unstoppable Disease. Horrifying artwork cropped up.

Of Death.

 And Horror.

And all because of some Rats, and some species of Insects.

Rats amongst other things, continue to be the cause of many Diseases.

They are among us now.

They can be you.

They can be me.

They can me.

They can even be your neighbor.

And they all wear the guise of a Mouse.

Beware the Rat who appears as a Mouse.

For with Disease, Death surely shall follow.
And the Reaper will come to collect your Soul.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Spider

We all heard of them.

Whether in movies.



And we see them in real Life.

For centuries Spiders have been the source of Fear, knowledge, and inspiration, in our human culture. In some cultures it was depicted in deities which were the spinners and weavers of destiny. In African culture, and Lakota culture, the Spider is depicted as a Trickster. Interestingly enough, the Lakota incarnation of the Spider, the Trickster god Iktomi, has the ability to Control people with his silk. There is a legend that he would one day return to spread his Web all across the land. I believe he already has. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Spider can be a Creator rather than a Trickster, as depicted in the Navajo myth of Grandmother Spider.

But beware. Spiders are more or less, Tricksters and Thieves. In Japanese mythology we are given the tale of the Tsuchigum, an ethnic group who take on the visages of humans, and derogatory term for Bandits. The story of Minamoto no Raiko portrays some of his encounters with these human-Spiders. The Jorōgumo is another variation of the Japanese shapeshifting Spider most common in the Edo period, the term literally meaning "Spider whore". As Edo legend had it, they would entice men into a shack playing beautiful Music, devouring the unaware Victim while they were too distracted by their Song.

Spiders are oddly similar to the Vampires in their predatory nature. Both lure and ensnare their prey before sucking the life out of the Victim.

What I'm speaking of, however, are those who spin Webs of lies. Trapping us and the entire world in a warped version of the truth. These are the Spiders you need to be wearer of. For if they catch you, they will make sure you are silenced. I am sure you are already aware of one of them, the FBI agent known as Fisk. Him and those who are similar to him are like that of the False Prophets. They will continue to spin webs until they have captured a Butterfly. Beware. Beware I say! They will say to you that the world has ended. They will say that the Bird does not exist. But He does, and He grows ever stronger still!

The day that they cease to be Iktomi, and become protectors of the Jōren waterfall will be the day they descend from their Webs, and save those who are Victims from drowning, as we all will one day.

Beware the Spider who spins Webs out of Lies instead of the Truth.

Friday, May 20, 2011

What hunts Caterpillars?

As cousins of the Worm, a Caterpillar has many natural Enemies.

Sometimes the Enemies of a Worm and a Caterpillar can be the same.

  • Rodents(youknowwhoyouare)
  • reptiles
  • [the]Bat(s)
  • Birds
  • Spiders
  • nematodes
  • and other insects
 Caterpillars are also very susceptible to Pathogens, and dying from Disease.

Some of the most important pathogens are:

  • [the]Virus(es)
  • bacteria
  • protozoans
  • microsporidians
  • and fungi
But they are not without Defense.

  • stinging hairs 
  • Camouflage
  • Hiding in rolled leaves
  • storage of bad tasting and poisonous Chemicals
  • glands that emit repellent Chemicals
  • an ability to enclose Foreign Bodies
  • flashing bright Colors to startle Predators
  • spitting
  • and feigning Death
But Worms crawl.

Is crawling not similar to Running?